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Today on something you should know it's not just drivers who shouldn't talk on their cell phones neither should passengers i'll explain why and the answers to important questions about how you sleep like should you go to bed even if you're not tired and you ask yourself the question do i feel sleepy if the answer is no then don't try like going to a restaurant at noon and the waitresses what would you like like i'm not hungry but why did you come into my restaurant well like time but at that make any sense also there's a really good reason why everyone on facebook seems to be living a much better life than you and virtual reality it looks like fun but there are concerns your memory of something that happens in virtual reality is treated by their brain exactly the same way that are real life memory would be it's not the same as memory of something you want to watched on television that's really having done something all this today on something you should know somethingyoushouldknow fascinating intel the world's top experts and practical advice you can use in your life today something you should know mike carruthers i'm sure you have your pet peeves i know i have mine fortunately hits a it's a pretty small list but right near the top of the list of pet peeves is people who talk on their cell phone when they're driving and i guess it's a pet peeve of mine because i had i have the experience of if i can tell a quick story back in the early days of cell phones when i was on my flip phone driving my car before the laws were passed and before there was much concerned about this i was talking on my phone and i went right through a red light right in front of a police station now fortunately the police weren't looking and fortunately nobody was coming so nothing happened and nobody got hurt but ever since then i've refused to talk on my cell phone while i'm driving but now there is a new concern not only is talking on a cell phone when driving a big distraction it turns out the.

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