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Club management. He's been linked with the vacancy at Manchester. United following his impressive spell in charge of the national team. So far. Forward sway Scottish Cup fifth round tie with men is okay. Let told us they premiership sites sealed their place in the next stage for the one win over Livingston holder. Sound say go up against Johnston while Rangers will travel to k- monarch if they get past Cowdenbeath, and what struck a union boss style Young's confident Freshfields and launch will be fit for England's six nations campaign. Shields didn't starts and launch free. Went off injured in their thirty seven nineteen defeats holders lens in the European Champions Cup. Jarosite will go on to play Ulster in the course of finals Saracens host Glasgow Edinburgh take on Munster and rising nine hundred plates. Lease now for American sports. Let's go to Pete FOX NFL conference championships in the books both games. Go to overtime something. That's never happened before. I it was the Rams coming from behind after trailing thirteen to nothing early in the game. They would tie twice in the fourth quarter and send it to overtime where Greg's arline kicked the. Fifty seven yarder to send the ramps to the Super Bowl for the first time since two thousand and one where they will face the New England Patriots who wanna shoot out in Kansas City against Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs thirty seven thirty one. They did it largely on the ground four running touchdowns to for Sony. Michelle another two including the game winner in overtime for Rex Burkhead. Again, they went at thirty seven thirty one. I'm Pete FOX. That's your Bloomberg NBC world sports update. If those of you listening who aren't familiar with NFL knew what the National Football League's overtime rules were. You would be disgusted as the rest of us are coming up next. We're gonna talk about China, China's GDP growth slows, but stocks rise. We'll talk to.

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