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This is like a tributary grandparents though, isn't it? Memories On my God I mean you know listen, it's. I mean it's in all cultures, but I. I was speak of what I know and I mean the importance of children. And nurturing children, you know and being you know I wrote a books. Just, after my mother passed away, I've written two books down the one I wrote back when she passed away and I dedicated it to her. I said I've never known anyone. Who is? Tougher smarter and more loving than my mother. And you know all of those things exist in one person in into a certain extent it. It was cultural to she was now. It's it's always a risk when we're. We're learning our culture primarily through our parents, and then they leave some stuff out, you know. Kind of made to look a little silly. Sometimes I used to think everything that was Chinese was Taiwanese because my mom's Taiwanese and she claimed that olive. Chinese culture was Taiwanese culture so I grew up with that Nice blindspot We can't let you go without asking the question on everyone's mind, which is if given offer you know? Do you want to be Joe Biden vice-president? If I was asked course I'd be honored to be asked and would say but I will tell you the really. The most important thing is that he wins I. I cannot stress that enough in listen. When we talking about the API community, it is the fastest growing I believe community in the country in terms of ethnic groups. And there is so much at stake in this election when you talk about everything from how we how serious there will be taking hate crimes, and do we have an attorney? General of the United States who takes these kinds of things seriously in bill bar trump's attorney general we have, and before that under jeff sessions. Who was the first Attorney General Under Donald? Trump they are no longer really enforcing consent decrees where courts have found the there needs to be reformed because of discrimination and. Force they're no longer engaging in significant pattern and practice investigations of discrimination by police departments You can look at it in terms of what's happening with immigration and my God. We're and by the way it is everyone it is. It is our Latino. Brothers and sisters are Asian brothers and sisters. It is people arriving from African continent from the Caribbean. Who are the child's separation policies? How even moral can that be A president of the United States was calling the Wuhan Virus. which is what is precipitated. The kind of hate crimes were seeing in particular guest. Chinese Americans. Are those perceived to be China's Americans. We can look at what's at risk. In terms of the weather. We're going to have a country with a leader who is spending fulltime, trying to so hate and division or a leader who's trying to unify build our country. So all of that is at stake, and this is it is, it is not even subtle. It is very real. It is very apparent. This stuff is banging on our door in terms of the issues that we can actually impact, when and if we evil and so I just want to stress to everyone. You must vote and do not be afraid and make sure that voices are counted. Make sure that your candidate in the Census and the twenty twenty cents is, but there's so much at stake for all communities, and in particular for for for communities who have often been overlooked, had been dismissed or ignored or marginalized. Did, you know manufacturing type paper uses nearly twenty seven thousand trees per day out literally for the planet and your, but it's time for the hallowed Toshi Modern Day attachment Hello Toshi cleans your bottom with a precise stream of fresh water for just seventy nine dollars it attaches to your existing toilet requires no electricity or additional plumbing and cuts toilet paper use by eighty percent, so the Helo Toshiba Day pays for itself. Itself in a few months and every Hello Toshiba attachment comes with a sixty day. Risk free guarantee and a twelve month warranty join millions of happy hello. Toshiba.

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