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I learned it would right and i am screaming in wendy does it on the elevator uni said ride together we'll go on a nice little paddle boats no it right i will i will you did would you be sure but you know history they can get an air it dan did you know you would think that there would be checked in fact in check but yeah it was i saw the video of their at right yesterday and i i don't know i work at a place where on every october ahead and i told were were among air worldwide and i'm i'm sorry but those people you have a really well for life the people who will work for you know standing up those were agent which i i do i feel after those people i am i not cut them down i think they have a real harry taylor their light iggy digging we we we have to run for days later anc you for calling we appreciate it uh but i by by we must take a break we've got news next dean richards will join us we will talk about the world of show business what is very glitzy the will of show business some new movies coming out hotels what's good and what's not standards gone wendy wgn states israeli rely on saturday august twelve travelling time me the president asked who questions and meet me too this is john williams and we're talking to teddy roosevelt on stage at the college of two page tell the truth on important questions like it or.

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