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Stupid. Hold on. Breaking news center for you're right. No. I'm right. He wrote Natural Born Killers Clinton to you. It was directed by Oliver Stone, but after Born Killers, and when you know that and you look at it first of all it's incredibly accurate for the time in which we live now, you're right. And Secondly, the amount of violence in it is like if you look at of course, Tarantino wrote that it's an orgy of violence. Yeah. True. Romance is he's one sick guy. He really is. I mean, honestly, I I it's crazy. I loved Reservoir Dogs crane house. I love Reservoir Dogs and true romance. And then I'm kind of lost me once things got super violent with like kill Bill and grain hemp Pulp Fiction, okay greenhouse now. I'm not a I'm not a violent movie guy. Like, I don't know. What happened? I had kids. You're not like I'm not like it's too cartoonish violent. Now. I get you back vowel one. I actually really liked for some reason. I know it's very it's a very violent. I didn't see Django unchained. I didn't see him glorious. Two minutes. Django unchained and win. I'm not watching this. Now, I sat through it. I like gangs in New York. Is that him? No, no. That's good. That's the original. If you think about the original goodfellas. That was just it's Mario van Peebles. Wasn't. Alec thrown out names. Do you guys just the best? Mario van Peebles heard of that guy since like nineteen Eighty-three rate. I do know tarintino doing he's doing a musical version of chonreznick rifleman. Ooh. The right full moon. Larry in San Diego, you've been holding on Frederick putting up with nonsense. Go ahead. Larry, what's on your mind? Got a solution for the emigrants. Yes, sir. Governor just gave us the money. We ought to apply for three hundred thousand dollars of that money. Ran one hundred buses them up. Fifty of them to San Francisco ten of those will go to Pelosi's house. Sacrimento the governor's new mansion and the other forty they'll put him on the lawn at the capital. Okay. Listen, I I have no problem creating a migrant camp at the capitol that let Kevin de Leon go and serve coffee and donuts to this new constituency. He's helped to create Phil university city. Welcome to the show. Tonight. I'm all right. What's happening? Listen to your show. I heard you talk about border at El Paso, where the guy that was recorded in spoke about his forty four acres. There's no problem down there. Yeah. The problem is just not at the border. It's nationwide get across the border and they infiltrate every city in the United States, and they take graphics everywhere and the voter rolls in every voting district gets cage. That's why we're getting it up with all these liberals, get elected. Well, that's the part that is a part of it. I mean, look there's a there's a number of layers here. Okay. Number one. The main. The main main problem is is the fact that you have criminals. Taking advantage of these networks to come into the United States when somebody gets sanctuary in California. They don't necessarily stay in California. Then go anywhere they want. They go to Arizona, then go to Vegas, go in a million different directions. That's that's the problem. John in San Diego. Welcome to the show. I've had I've had the same trick. I've had the same correct that these people are making from Honduras or wherever in Central America. I did it in nineteen eighty five from San Diego all the way down to the tip of South America and back and I saw firsthand American aid for the people on the trains. I did it all over land. I didn't do any flights except one from Panama City to Cartagena Colombia. The the trains carry a flower and all kinds of goods, which the American symbol on them. And they say things like gift of United States not to be sold, and it has American shield on it. And that's the stars and the top and garage shield, right? Right. And the stripes on the bottom. Yeah. And so I encountered a lot of very nice good people and some very very dangerous people. And what I was most affected by was people like what the work that archbishop Romero. Didn't I l Salvador, right? We spoke. He spoke. For the poor. That it should be at the expense of the wealthy because he had made their wealth off of others. Yeah. Yeah. And he felt that they should give back some and he was murdered. Yeah. I mean, this is what happens you shake shake it up like that. And that does happen in many of these countries do not are not governed aggressively by the rule of law and speaking of one of those countries, it's Iran. Iran is holding an American Iran is holding a US navy veteran a man who has been missing since July first American detained overseas during the Trump administration's being held in Iran, the Iranian foreign ministry last night acknowledged that it had Michael white US navy veteran in the northeastern city of Mashhad lot of questions remain as to why he's being detained. How long he's been imprisoned. How did he get a visa to go to Iran? Iran is ratcheting up the tensions between the US in Tehran. He is alive. According to his mother. It means the US will aim to bring him home, which will be a big challenge for the president. Iran will not succumb easily. You can you can imagine what's going to happen. They're they're trying to send a message to stick it to the United States. And you're probably asking the the first question that came into your mind was the first question that came into my mind, what the hell are you doing in Iran, given how hot things are? This is a forty six year old native of I b. His mother only learned of her son's whereabouts three weeks ago. It's been missing since he didn't board a flight home in July. It's likely that Iran detained the forty six year old native of imperial beach around this time, he joins three other Americans to of Iranian descent. And of course, one American Robert Levinson who's been held neuron for more than a decade. Man. This is exactly what they did in the eighties. And they're doing it again, man, they are doing it. Again, they're taking hostages it sits it's endemic to the culture of that regime. Mentioning just moments ago iconic films, arguably one of the most iconic films had one of its most important characters pass away today in real life, though. Verna bloom passed away today at age eighty you know, Verna bloom. As the. Alcoholic wife dean warmer. From Faber college an animal house. Oh. Even a long way for that. Who who famously appeared in a hilarious scene, featuring a wall cheetah print with otter in the stairs rope after he met her at the supermarket. He was eighty years old been acting for for a very long time. And she is survived by her husband of forty nine years. Now gyms like why the active bread bring this up? Jaycox Jaycox wrote gangs of New York. And we come back to it. We looped the entire thing. Man, come full circle. Of the all time funniest oh my gosh. Did you know that Mario van Peebles is going to be the remake this guy? You know what he's saying? He can't go. You can't go with us tonight. He's not allowed to go. This might Coronado bridge. You that going online scooter ride it's gonna be me and Jim Jim's gonna ride his limescale good number to ride in the sidecar next to his next to I'll be there with Mario van people. Here's what we're going to Jim's get to drive the lime scooter and he's gonna Tomi on rollerblades. And that we should we run out of juice. I could to- Jim down the down the other side of the checkpoint. Hello. Eight hundred seventy six hundred. Local radio personality at news anchors were arrested last night on the Coronado bridge going to explain this to your wife. She's hearing this person's every night. Yeah. Show him seven sixty talking breaking news. That's Jim Charvet. He's gotta headlines. What's up? President. Trump was in mcallen, Texas today. Turing border operations there and pushing for his border wall before leaving Washington Trump threatened to declare a national emergency to circumvent congress. If he can't reach a deal with Democrats fund is wall. President Trump says he's not worried about his former personal lawyer testifying before congress Trump told reporters in Texas today that he's quote, not worried about it at all Cohen has agreed to testify next month before the house oversight and reform committee and a thirteen year old Wisconsin girl who went missing in October. After her parents were killed has been found alive. The Barron county sheriff's department says Jamie Kloss has been located and that a suspect is in custody. Jamie was found about seventy miles from her home. You're never more than fifteen minutes.

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