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I heart radio app did you hear about it did did you hear about it I thought it would be really big news did you hear about it okay well probably you didn't hear about it because nobody has really been talking about it it is kind of strange when you think of how big a video in this person is you would think any type of news relating to Hillary Clinton would be everywhere on every station because she's always on the lips and on the Twitter feed of our president but it's not really being discussed I found that odd into wallet and every time I mentioned Hillary Clinton I have to give my disclaimer because evidently people never remember I'm not a Hillary Clinton fan never have been never have been never had a kind word to say about her on this program or anything else I've done now that I've got my disclaimer my not even annual just what ever I mentioned her name disclaimer out of the way now I can get into what I was going to say about Hillary Clinton but before I do that let me talk about this from a higher altitude politics more generally politics is about feelings politics is about making a potential or perspective voter feel good have you ever seen one of the president's rallies here's what I mean it's fact free if legislative policy free it's all about feelings about feeling good in the moment in the park and the president's presence it's all about making the crowd feel good with platitudes and insults of whoever the villain may be that week with exceptional Hillary Clinton which is who is always a constant villain and topic in his speeches why is this because feelings largely largely motivate our political preferences Felix here's what I mean at the next rally of our president and one after that and went after that he will invoke the name of Hillary Clinton probably Barack Obama as well for reasons I'm not sure other than the obvious because it makes the crowd feel good it makes the crowd have a foil to point at a village to vilify and the crowd at least in regard to Hillary Clinton is going to check out on Q. lock her up and the crowd will swell in bravado it in Suzie admits great theater but those are feelings about how you feel about Hillary Clinton but here's the reality and for the most part for the most part the feelings out weigh the reality the reality is never been a part of the Hillary Clinton story here's what I mean the Donald J. trump department of justice inquiry into Hillary Clinton and uranium one which had already been investigated but specifically the trunk DOJ investigation which began back in twenty eighteen well let's just about complete and I know it's just about complete because having served on a grand jury if it's going to ramp up and their indictments coming they will ask for an extension of the grand jury or the the prosecutor who's charged with it will ask for more time and so forth no it's actually winding down which says there are no indictments coming and I'm talking about the investigation which was spearheaded by Jeff sessions at the behest of president trump and this was to see if there was any Clinton wait fort quid pro quo she was secretary of state sound familiar at all it is winding down but I get it it's more fun to say look her up what the investigation is winding down so in terms of locking her up for her emails that's not gonna happen even though she was investigated testified in clear in the clear in the congressional investigation which the Republicans ran during the Obama administration choose investigated yet not indicted in the FBI investigation and not only that the statute of limitations has all but expired for anything that she's being investigated for just about why because most federal offenses five years the statute of limitations but Hey lock her up well it sounds really really cool and it warms the heart of most people who are anti Hillary Clinton is not about facts because the fact is he's been investigated by not only a dim administration with a damn Attorney General but now a Republican administration with a Republican actually two Republican Attorney General's those are facts and at this point I'm pretty sure of two things I I'm I'm too I'm sure of two things as relates to the former secretary of state the former presidential candidate the former First Lady Hillary Clinton just two things number one she will never be president of the United States I'm sure of that it's not how I feel that's just a fact and number two she's not ever going to jail I'm sure of that that's not my feelings that's just a fact if you look at the investigation look at the statue of limitations you okay I don't want to I don't hear about how you feel about the one it does not matter nope nope nope I don't want to hear about what you feel the fact of the matter is she's been investigated by Congress the FBI different DOJ administration's no indictments she's not going to jail and I'm not applauding it I'm not even criticizing it I'm just telling you how it is and I'm not so sure how and why she's even that important to anyone on the right side of the aisle that's the first one and I'm not even sure why she even has so much control or sway over the left side of the aisle her political future is now nonexistent but yet even in Ohio and I watch the president's rallies all the time because that's my job to stay abreast of these things why she was featured at the rally indirectly act I don't know I don't get it I mean I get it in the sense of how she is a good villain for that crowd I get that but how in advance is the president's agenda I don't it why she still matters I don't know but she's not ever going to jail she's not ever going to be locked up if she should be old news she should be or at least in Republican circles but for whatever reasons she's still renting or maybe she's probably purchased at this point a three bedroom apartment in this president's head and it's probably not gonna be discussed on other programs probably not I would never be discussed on other television shows probably not but she's been investigated and still no indictments who you gonna blame this time all I got it the deep state yes of course when we come back I'm gonna explain why I think the Democrats are afraid of KFI I think that they are out now freed of this station and I'll explain why in just a moment this demo Kelly show KFI am six forty we're live everywhere on the I heart radio app now Michael should pay.

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