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Week. Cue the music. Music is cute. I don't think we've dusted this piece off for a while. Yeah, that music is ready. It's going and it's not dusty anymore. So that's good, right. Yeah, it's good when it's not digital dusty. Yes. So our chili bowl nationals, we are less than a month away. From the big old honking Tulsa Oklahoma event with drivers coveting salivating for their trophy there and entry list is it's getting kind of heavy on NASCAR, isn't it? It is, well, hey, if you even look at what's happening this week, they've got the Tulsa shootout going this week. Kyle Busch is out there with brexton bush as well. They're both competing. Wow. Kyle Busch even won a heat race from 8th starting spot. All right. And stuff like that. Yeah, yeah. What do we got here? We got the chase Elliott, Kyle Larson, Alex Bowman. Those guys all have something in common. Chase Briscoe, JJ alee and Christopher Bell. I wouldn't discount Kyle Busch. If this goes well, either making a last minute appearance into the lineup here. Or maybe going into next year's chili bowl, he might swap up into that. So we'll see. They should almost have a back at the shop owners camera when they're biting their nails and watching their drivers potentially dying or being mangled or whatever. Right. You know, usually with chili bowl and stuff like that, it's indoors. It's very, very short track and the cars don't quite get up to the kind of levels of speed and craziness that you're used to. So I think this one feels a little bit more tame, even though they do a lot more flipping and stuff in the chili bowl nationals. I think the coroners are a little bit more comfortable with that one because the speeds are a little lower in the chance of injury seems a lot less. I don't think I've seen too many guys and you're very critically in the chili bowl nationals and in recent years. Yeah, yeah. But we do see lots of flips. The flip counter is usually very impressive. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So we'll be seeing that pretty soon. I just wanted to get the listeners appetite ready for it. Yeah, and this is going to be the part of the season where we're giving you 1 a.m. updates on Kyle Larson doing things on dirt out in Australia or something. All sorts of weird stuff. Keep up with us in the off season. This is where things get interesting. Late at night, you never know what's going to happen. Is he going to be over there? That I don't know because he's been kind of skipping a lot of things due to just being the champion. He was major. But at the same time, I think Australia is pretty locked down, aren't they? The last time I checked, they were. I think our Australian followers would be able to help us out a little more. But they've been kind of more of the stringent countries along the way and to their credit. They've done very well with the virus to this point and doing that. But yeah, no, so we'll have to see if that even is a thing. I don't know. Yeah, speaking of that being a thing, the Los Angeles coliseum, fast approaching, they've got a $1 million budget for track preparation. And that's taking shape and the bush like clash, a non points paying event to kick off the season. I kind of our first look at the next gen race car under race conditions on the track action begins Saturday, February 5th with a practice at noon eastern. There's going to be a heat race, a main event. It's going to be like a short track feel. Sunday evening 6 p.m. eastern on Fox, giant, NASCAR, stock cars, downtown Los Angeles, DTLA for those that are here. A quarter mile oval should be fun, however, I hate to be the bearer of bad news. I just have a sense. A crowd will not be allowed. That's my own personal opinion. It's not fact yet, but things are trending in that direction. Let's just hope that with all the prelude that we've been giving this thing and all the press and hype and everything that we've been giving it, hopefully there is a crowd allowed to be there. This is just an event that's possibly once in a lifetime if it doesn't go well. It does go well. You never know. It might be a once in a lifetime. So this is the thing that, you know, people were there to be able to say, I was there, but at the same time, you weren't ready to be safe and you want everybody to continue living their lives as well. See how this goes. But it's interesting with the virus starting to spike again. It might be reduced capacity or no capacity. We'll see. I don't know. Yeah, I want to see. Again, I don't have any inside news. I don't have nothing has been announced. This is just a sense, living here in the state. I kind of have a feeling that's the way it's going to go. And we do still have several months to go. Yeah. Until a decision has to be made. So we'll have to see how this goes. But I guess we really have about two months now to go. But it's closing. It's closing fast. So I want to see what happens. But yeah, hopefully hopefully people are allowed to be there because I think that's an event that is going to be special years down the line one way or the other. This is going to be one that people are going to want to say that they were at if they had a chance to be there. Yeah. You were in Atlanta, did you hear about the big news from there? Yeah, there's going to be a test session with the next gen cars. Not open to the media, except for a one hour period where we'd be allowed to take photos and videos. That's weird. From certain specific angles. So public will not be allowed to be there no fans. But they'll be testing things out to see what packages. What are they hiding? Well, I don't think it's that they're hiding anything. I think it's that they're going to be testing out several different things. And they don't want preconceived ideas from fans saying, I like that one better than this one. Because it's going to be a brand new track, brand new surface. They don't want these cars going so fast that the cars are exiting the track and going through the catch fence. But they also don't want them so locked down. They're not able to do something. They're going to be kind of honing in what package they want for.

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