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In a very political way saying that there was none. I think that misrepresents report as I have seen it. The democratic controlled house has already calling on Robert Muller to testify in Kirkland. Jeff Pohjola, KOMO news. The White House today, President Trump says the report confirms no, collusion and know obstruc. The president again, call it a hoax and argues that no president should ever have to go through what he has gone through a legislative initiative in our state would restore elements of affirmative action wiped out in nineteen ninety eight when voters passed I two hundred former Governor Chris Gregoire supports I one thousand under which characteristics such as race sex, ethnicity and more could be considered an education or appointment opportunities. I one thousand opens the door. That's all it does. It opens the door to qualified candidates who want to go to college who want public employment and want public contracting Hornets worthy initiative would lead to assist him under which diversity outweighs merit costs for the arena. Seattle center. Continue to go up. Komo's Charlie Harger rest project leaders about possible delays the price tag to gut and completely rebuild everything. Under the roof of what was known as keyarena has skyrocketed from six hundred fifty million dollars to now nine hundred million or more NHL. Seattle's Todd Lodwick. He says that's because of the builders. Don't want to skimp on anything. He says it's also running a little late. There are concerns about whether the team can take the ISIS scheduled in late twenty twenty one. So I asked him about it Totta wriggling habby NHL open.

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