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7 80 won over by 800.9 FM. And that he's watch continues at 11 40 advanced copies of the book by President Trump's niece going around on the porch, Richie pains to the president. Certainly not flattering there. Nope. Articular Bombshells in the book by Mary Trump titled Too much and Never enough, But there is no shortage of many blast about the President Mary Trump says the president was in a particularly King student. But he paid a friend to take his exams and that his system Maryann did his homework. As for her uncle's popularity among White evangelicals, she notes. The only time Trump ever went to a church was when cameras with their White House press secretary Kayleigh Mcenany Islam, the book, saying it has ridiculous, absurd accusations that have no bearing in truth. I'm Oscar Wells Gabriel, The mayor of Atlanta, says she does not want the national Guard in her city in the wake of a surgeon violence there. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp declared a state of emergency Monday authorizing the activation of upto 1000 guard troops following a weekend of violence in Atlanta that left Five people dead. But Mayor Keisha Lance bottom says camp issued the order without asking at the city needed extra help. The chairwoman of the Democratic Party of Georgia called Kempes decision reckless. Itics of such mobilizations have said that deploying military troops on otherwise calm city streets can provoke more violence. Bill rake off CBS News, A New York judge has said a July 14th day for the arraignment and bail hearing for Jeffrey Abstains ex girlfriend on charges she recruited girls for him to sexually abuse 58 year old British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested last week in a state she bought months ago in New Hampshire. W BBM NEWS Time. 11 40 to.

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