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Can't even. Down. And as I guess, for some people for the legitimacy of being a wrestler, I guess, there you go, right? I've bought a new when I was a kid and the first one came out, I remember the first one in whole Cogan was number one was probably early nineties late eighties. Something like that. But I mean I better I took it. I was like, damn right. Whole wrestler in the world. Did you do that? Like when when the when the ratings came out back in the day, but we even when I first started wrestling, they still had Aparicio's straight. We would go and see, like where am I at? And if you're like, number six w bullshit, you know, how is, is lash Larue number four number five, I bought into everything in those magazines until one time, I was reading this is when I was training, call skis, and I was reading one and they had like the section. It was the wrestler inside wrestling, one of those two magazines, and they had a section where it would talk about an upcoming star, and they would ask, like six legends their opinion and quality was always featured in that. And so I'm willing to wrestling training. You know, I was like wall. Troy read a I read what you said about Ken shamrock, whoever was at the time, you know, and I really think that easily, you know, his ground game was going to help them. But he and he just kind of looked at migos. Who's bullshit? My name never say that. Payday his name, and put his picture up there. But now he's just and I was just ending into the business. I was like, oh, you mean it's not real. You what else, what are their lives? I got sued by Larry's of Bisco sued for using the living legend and. I had to go to deposition, literally deposition, as you have the bunch of lawyers, and the some of the evidence that was submitted was Larry submitted progressing illustrated magazines, that said he was the living legend. Right. And I'm like this is this is the actual. This is all not real. Guy writing at all that has to be the only time recording history after mad. So good. But you. After was there and flair and Brett were there, and they're all sat down and eating and go little bit uncomfortable. Flair was like, remember that remember time when you put bread higher than me and ninety two and breads again, that was bullshit. When you were there ninety one and there's a little bit like after his kind of in the middle, as they were kind of angry after for rating, one above the other boys bought into it, right? Good. So let us ask about this, how you guys are one of the first Cinese for all wrestling. It was announced that the bucks and signed, and Cody assigned and then right after that was that s you had signed. And is this just an obviously, just another one of these amazing moments of happenstance, where all your guys is contract just happened to be up at the same time as everybody else's. Yeah. Actually, when we when I signed my contract when we went to ring of honor in two thousand fourteen Franken I were the tag team at the time. And so when impact during yes, yeah. So when when the idea of. Contract was discussed they came to us at the same time, and I remember I had signed a one year deal. And then to your deal in that two year deal and this December and so for us obviously that was that was happenstance. And then while when Scorpio came in there were talked about putting under a contract, but they never really went past a certain point. They were just like, oh, well, we're still using him and, and. Just just because the the infrastructure of ring of honor is so there's so many jobs, but they're so few actual people in the office. Right. So, like, sometimes I feel like that stuff, sort of wind under sort got through the cracks and in that in that respect, it ended up benefiting Scorpio, because if they had you know a year prior they had offered him..

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