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Designed kind of a big part of your childhood growing up. You grew up in Milwaukee from what you told me before we started recording was designed kind of a big part of your growing up see no not necessarily designed but more so just art. It's interesting I'm five and over. My parents are superstar. My Dad Engineer. My Mom's always been great at math and science and so I feel like I came out and I was just like this little light. Hey let's draw so I just always thought likely what happened? How did I get that gene? But it's fine. I think what's interesting too is now that actually like sitting here and talking about it. I think because of my dad's job we moved around quite a bit and by moving around like we probably lived around almost every three years so I was constantly going to new school in new states and trying always like the new kid but I think I found comfort in our. I think that was something. That wasn't reliant upon somebody else so if I were to move like that summer or something like I still draw. It was something to keep me occupied. It was something that I really enjoy weight seeing a picture and then trying to you know then bring it to paper saw. That was something I think you know. Kinda like all kids do but then I noticed that. That was one thing that I really kept with so my kept with her throughout middle school. I catch throughout high school. I didn't actually through college which I had been realized like. Oh maybe I should have majored in art. Maybe they should have been thing but I still took like. I literally take an art class every single semester and other only one semester. I didn't and I literally can feel the difference on. I just didn't feel the same. So that's when I realized okay. This is probably going to be a part of me forever. So yeah we're your parents really supportive. If you're going into art like that. They wonder they were and I thank them all the time. And I'm just so appreciative. They've always been super Always been very supportive in that. I always say left or right. After I had graduated from Hamson I had gotten a degree arm in public relations which are still really liked. But you know I just. I don't know there was something about where I was just like. Okay I basically many deliverance out. That said okay so I'm job hunting looking for PR job right you know. I'm willing to take our classes on the side because I think there's something really important to me so I was looking for jobs in different cities and I looked in Atlanta and.

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