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Help the US. South Africa. And helped Iraq Asian country Iraq. Able to build up our future. Right. Thank you missed South Carolina. Team Miss. Yeah Mario Lopez had to know that that was going to live in infamy before she was even done speaking. Right it certainly has lived in here. I think everybody else kind of let it go eventually. Not this show. Are you kidding me? There's nothing there show it's gone. Boy, if you have a map though that takes you from the Iraq to sell Africa everywhere like such. Yeah. You're never getting there. No. Also today Brad. MELTZER. We're going talk to him. He joins us at about ninety minutes ish and he's got two new books out one. I am and frank and Benjamin Franklin? Yeah. Good stuff. I lead that series the IM series. It's awesome. Such a great job everything that man touches is gold yeah. this winter come in handy before we asked the more on Trivia question who wrote and frank's diary. If. If they'd read this children's Book Brad Melted Book, they might have known yeah I learned a fun fact in there like she named her diary. Kitty. She did though she'd right every time she'd do an entry because I I've read the book like back in Sixth Grade, but I had forgotten that. She she named diary sitting seems like at one point it was almost mandatory schools. You had to read that kind of stuff but. That the days of maps. Yeah. Back in the day when you needed to, he needed to learn things and in the students didn't control the schools of course. Now, the students right complete control of every school system and every university system, for instance. State of Texas in Austin at UT. The marching band is just decided. They're gonNA play the school song anymore we're not GonNa do it I'm sorry wait what. You're you're, not gonNA. They're not gonNA play the eyes of Texas. Anymore what Ya? Oh No is there a word in it? There's an. undertone in it, and you can't have a song with an undertone. You just can't do it. They have to all be overtones. Or? I, it's unbelievable. You know after the first one, hundred and twenty years Texas has done this at the end of the game they all they play the eyes of Texas and they all kind of sway back and forth after the football game win or lose I think right in and it's this huge tradition now. WE'RE NOT GONNA WE'RE NOT GONNA play it. I'm just looking at the lyrics right now. What's The undertone now here come the girls in that Pretty Red Ford I, think that's a different song. Oh. Yeah. You're right. It might be the some other is of Texas. Oh my gosh it totally is I rolling through it without even looking But yeah but you're talking about the. Deepen the no, that's another song. I can name the song in zero notes. Yeah I'm I'm checking out what what's the what's the is Texas then I'd know what if I heard it, right? Yes. You don't your I. Doubt we can play because Oh. Yeah. We'll get. We'll get flagged totally but. Goes a little something like that, and then oh totally now. I think it's a slow version though I'm trying to think. But the drum major from ut someone a fan just call us up and humming Helmet Eight, eight, eight, nine, hundred, thirty, three, ninety. We'd be great and just home the song for us and we won't get busted for playing it and I won't like an even bigger Indian. Well. I. Mean we can't care ever go. Yeah. There's going to be. Two hours of opportunities for me to do that. Sure. So. Yeah. The band members have taken a stand multiple or. On, the school's campus have been pushing for a change in the alma mater starting with athletes in June twenty twenty group of ut athletes. wrote a letter requesting that players be no longer forced to sing the eyes of Texas and replace it with a song without racist undertones. Here we go soon after members of the university band also decided to take a stand including drum major alley Morales once I saw the statement from the football team and learned the history of the eyes of Texas it was real easy to make the decision. I didn't want to be a part of or initiate a school song that excludes any members of the university whether it be current students, alumni, professors, family of students are just fans. So. Every song now has to include every single person single. Every special interest Come on Man Okay if you won't play it and you're a member of the band guess what you're not a member of our band anymore we'll find somebody who will play the stupid song. Working for an. or or? A worker Brian. You draw drone majors scrolling. That's what you all true. Actually you're scrolling. We hold on now. I'm going to my third time's a charm, right? Yeah the eyes of Texas are upon you all the live long day tank you the eyes of Texas are upon you. You cannot get away. Okay. Do not thank you can escape them at night or early in the Morn. There you guys of Texas on you to Gabriel blows his horn. There it is. How dare you talk about Gabriel there was a biblical dairy imagery tucked in at the end I see what they try to sneak it in there. Is there a secret like a verse that includes Plus We hate black people Or something like that in there because I don't think that even had an undertone did it was the way? The lyrics are set to the two. Oh, I've been working on the road. Yes, right? Yeah. Yeah. Okay I. almost like. Texas Zara on. You. So now so now we have to go and look at the I've been working on the railroad lyrics and see if those are this is.

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