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Radio update starts now Week three of, the NFL preseason came to a close but the, cardinal's blowing out the Cowboys twenty seven. Three on Sunday night football Dak Prescott. Ezekiel, Elliott did, not play for, Taoist no David Johnson four Arezzo Anna Josh Allen got the star for, the Buffalo Bills and they're twenty six thirteen loss to the Bengals Allen struggled going six. For twelve for just thirty four yards he. Was sacked five times veteran wide receiver Eric decker has announced his retirement decker signed a one year, deal with, the, patriots on. August third college news true freshman quarterback JT Daniels has been named the starter, for USC becomes just the second true freshman QB to start a season, opener for, the Trojans baseball Sunday night the Yankees complete a four-game, sweep of the Orioles with a five three win New. Yorkers won eight, of their last nine speaking of sweeps the Red Sox trending in the wrong direction as they were swept by the raise, nine one elsewhere the as top twins. Six to Astros gap on, the angels three one down in bags beat the. Mariners five to India's route the royals twelve five was the white socks over the Tigers seven. To over in the National League the, dodgers beat, the Padres seven three cardinals route the Rockies twelve three, point the reds nine nothing brewers stopped the pirate seven. Four Braves blank, the Marlins for nothing the national throughout the Mets fifteen nothing to interleague games the giants ended the Rangers three one in, the Phillies beat the Blue Jays three. In golf Brian the Shambo, wins the Northern Trust putting him atop the FedEx. Cup standings for now Tiger Woods meanwhile finished fortieth but satisfied with his performance The fact that I I've played a lot of my score indicates make any artist, this. Week Paul well at the end, of the day I found a piece of my game that, has, has been, missing what's driving it well Butts so why we're gonna shoot Illo rounds and I didn't do it this. Little, League World series Hawaii crown champs, after the beating South Korea three nothing I'm Scott Seidenberg you're listening to NBC sports. Radio sports radio It's, overtime Scot's, Edinburgh, yarn NBC sports radio and NBC. Sports radio dot com a Sunday evening Some Monday morning on the program is week three of the preseason is behind us and we are that much, closer to. The start of the regular season in the NFL.

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