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Freedom in Dave. Janet dot com are growing and expanding our freedom based platform, we have launched a new premium service at Dave Janet dot com. Premium service includes premium member only twenty four seven access to the podcast from every Sunday. Freedom show, premium members also have exclusive access VR archives to every operation freedom show since October two thousand ten membership includes an exclusive access to a new insider insight show hosted by me Dr day gender every week each. Insider insight show includes an opening analysis of political events followed by an indepth interview of a feature guest premium members will also have access to our department of advanced research show, hosted by Nick Rowe is this show utilizes Knicks extensive experience and expertise in the world of technology line folks, the monthly cost less than my favorite deal, Costco, pizza, or in other words, it only costs thirty cents a day. The premium service is the biggest information bang for the buck. I hope you will join our freedom fighter team is premium member service subscriber, please click on the link at Dame, Janet dot com. Hello friends. This is Tyrone. And I wanna tell you about my dentist. Dr Michael singleton. He should be your dentist to its tomorrow's dentistry today. This is family dentistry. You can trust with over twenty years of experience. Dr singleton offer services in all areas of. Dentistry. He can enhance that smile of yours. Protect your precious teeth. Get in today and see Dr Michael singleton. He's at one zero eight one north and Arbor street and selene Michigan. You can call Dr singleton at seven three four four two nine seven four one five column today Hines park Lincoln whilst you introduce you.

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