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And that's the fundamental thing that's going on in the wine industry right now it's really screwed up because you're listening to warmer parker or wind spectator and that's kind of it end or you're buying yellowtail how many people here drink yellowtail often regime him right nobody wants a minute's awesome love it but the fact amenities you're buying supermarket brands or whatever's that cosker what's every easy that's three i mean listen i'm really not here to tell you wine so awesome or anything of that nature i think it's phenomenal because fundamentally once you have johnnie walker blue i love scotch but once you have freud you've had the freud every wine changes every year and it changes you drink it the two at winds we have today especially the katherine kennedy lateral which will have a little bit over the next six years on if we tasted on may seventeen of every year the why would fundamentally be dramatically different that's pretty red you don't i think that's what gets people into wine i definitely want to go through this first wine tasting together i really really wanted it to be a qna session throughout whether it's about wine or more about the social media things that we've done so but the first wine let's let's all read the first wine i know you've probably had already but let's let's get into it one of the fundamental things that is being completely missed by the entire world not just the us market is smelling the wind the bouquet as a humongous factor in the overall process of how you're going to like a wind so you know i've really really really want you to give this a snippy sniff all right.

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