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And we welcome you back to Wayne State basketball on the patriot. It's now time for the locking report report with head coach Kerry, Laura Wayne State, women's taken on GRANDE valley tonight in the gliac quarterfinals over and Allendale coach, thanks for joining us in a lock report. I chance to talk to you since the Detroit mercy game at halftime men's game. It's nice to be with you this afternoon and congratulations on making the gliac term. You've gotta be excited about the opportunity in front of you tonight. There's there's no question we everybody who loves basketball college basketball wants an opportunity to be a part of March madness. And where we're definitely excited to be here. We're excited for an opportunity to play one of the best teams not only in the gliac, but really in the country, and we really are coming within an underdog mentality and we've got nothing to lose. But certainly a lot to gain. So we're looking forward to the matchup talk about your season as a whole before we dive into what it's gonna take the win tonight at grand valley. You guys won eight league games this year and kind of like the man watching them play all year. And I've watched you guys play most the season as well. But a lot of close games some losses there that maybe could have been wind just talk about the seasons the whole and your impressions of your first thirty inches of the year. Well, you know, my impression of the season is I'm a little disappointed. But yet I've also seen some really tremendous growth in our in our young players, so disappointed in the sense. Because I think we were we were just possessions away from being a team with. Seventeen to eighteen wins. And we let some some games get away from us. And I thought that we we should have won. So. And there's certainly no disrespect to the league or to the gliac. It's just incredibly competitive. But I'm you know, whenever you can make the postseason tournament in in the league is tough as the gliac really at any sport. It's definitely a compliment. But it's an honor thicker biggest thing going into. This will be can we be consistent? Can we consistently get stops? Can we consistently rebound the ball? Can we consistently take care of the ball? And those are things that we have to really embrace it and stay focused on for forty minutes. Now, we've done that we've done that in spurts we've done it in spurts, and our players know it and our players know those times when we have to Sean really some greatness, and and really an unstoppable mentality. And they know when we've lost focus and things have spiraled for us. Unfortunately, you know, south so consistency is going to really be the key in camp. Can we defend for forty minutes? Can we rebound with them? And can we take care of the basketball and in? All of those things kind of give you an opportunity to score and you get stopped. You have an opportunity to score you, grab rebounds. That's stop giving opportunity to score. You take care of the basketball you increase your chances. So we've got to do those things if we're going to be in this game. I wanna talk about one of your seniors. Jay Williams, maybe your best all around player. And what does she meant to this program? The last few years has been here. It seems like she can do it. All you mentioned to me off the air that she started out playing the wing and then the two and now she's playing the four a lot this year. She's the leading rebounder on the team is talk about what she's mad at the program. The last three years. Way. You just don't even e- really don't fully understand you. A guy just watching her play. But just to have her with us for three years. I mean, she is incredibly fun and funny, she super competitive her her leadership really excelled this year by embracing our our freshmen, in fact, she took Sam Cherney under her wing and SAM's really rebounding while for us. And so I can commend you for that. Because I think they had a big part of of kind of bringing Sam along. But you know, we got a lot of different nicknames for genetic. But certainly one of them is high flyer, and she definitely has a high flyer. And there's times when I'm sitting there watching the bench from the bench thinking, how did she just grant that rebound, and she's fun to watch. She's fun to coach she gives it her home. At times, she might get going too fast. But as her her coachee, you never wanna take that away from her and take that part of her game away. You can't try to maybe even control that just let her go. Because that's that's the beauty ever game is her lettuces her speed deflecting passes in really attacking the basket. So. To be honest with you. I don't have anyone on my recruiting list is going to replace her right now. So we as a coaching staff have a lot of work to do can Gina's is definitely made her Mark. And a lot of different ways from Wayne State ones basketball. Let's talk about the opponent tonight grand valley. They finished in first place in the league by themselves. I swapped Ashland. That's an accomplishment. On its own and there'd been a very tough team, especially at home this year to score against but this isn't a four out of seven game series is the one game situation. There's been a lot of history in the gliac tournament both on the men's and women's side of an eight seagoing on the road and beating a one-seat, including Wayne State the last time they put on the road on the women's side in two thousand eight knocking off hillsdale what's gonna take tonight to win and what kind of confidence does your team have going into this game tonight. Yeah. There's no question. You gotta make shots. So. I think the cabin slash from where we said, you know, we're we're coming in at number eight in and we've really got nothing to lose. And I think you know, grand valley really does have the pressure on them. Those those five to six players that compete for him for coach Williams day in and day out. Are you know, the pressures on them their nationally ranked team they're really could possibly be looking past us who knows? I mean, they're they're thinking about the regional tournament the NC double A, and I think regardless of the outcome of today pick they're in. So do you catch him losing a little bit of focus? I don't know. I think that's that's certainly not a strategy by any means you have to come with your a game. You have to come ready to play one of the best. And it really just you have to come with a lot of confidence in knowing that, you know, hey, we don't make the first one you've got to take the next one. And you just keep playing because if you if you take your foot off the pedal with the team might grand valley, they certainly have the potential to. Score score in bunches on you. Well, coach thanks for joining us on a lack report. I'm looking forward to call on the game tonight best of luck. And hopefully, we'll talk to you again next weekend before semi final game. There would be great. Thanks, kevin. You're welcome. It said coach Carrie Laura with locking report. Stay tuned. Opening tip off coming up max, Wayne State and grand valley in the gliac tournament right here in the Wayne State while you're basketball radio network..

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