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So Cesar below. You gave four seats. Me sees her below. I gave one to two C++ in a sea. You were the tougher grader today. Yeah, I mean, I would expect nothing less. You're soft, so. Wow. This is like the surprise of the century. It's not. It's not that. And plus C isn't bad. I mean, it's like we're giving up D's and F's around here. I don't think there were any bad bad hires. I don't think you could say that. There's some fits that you would question. That would be a better yes. I think all these guys were kind of deserving. I just don't know again in the SEC. My seeds were all in the SEC. McMahon, golden Lamont Paris. We're all guys that I just don't know are built. The minnows. That's the main takeaway of today. Yeah, that's the tweet is a sharks in the minnows. And right now, Todd golden, Matt McMahon, Lamont Paris. You're a minnow. You're all minis. We got that. All right. Before we go, and we'll do it next week. When we actually see each other for the well, we saw each other recently. We've seen each other a couple of times. Yeah, I got you a show cocktail, what the hell are you talking about? That's true. I went above and beyond for this podcast. You did. You actually did. It was a little warm. But it still was good. Yeah, okay. You bring the ice. I don't have any device. I got the food. I went back to the hotel. And they didn't have any ice, so they don't have ice down the hallway, don't you know how to get your own damn ice? Dude, I had a game that night. I wasn't worried about delivering you a chilled shrimp cocktail. You're like, you're like urban Meyer. You're demanding so much of me threatening me with being fired..

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