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But you feel that you you honored that contract under the contract and met Kenny to write the songs we'd wait six songs and three days or something, which we did you in county? Yes. And could have just ended their right, you know, but even not even happened. But right, a wife was reading about John and the British. Those music MAC and Merrill said, you should meet Joan Jett. She's going to be something she's look significant unless you spotted it in the newspaper. Yes, she thought, yeah, because otherwise, I probably wouldn't have gone and I had to go all the way from England sit California. You are in England at the time? I was in England when I got the phone call where you live in there? Yeah, I, I'd residence in New York and England. Same time for well. Now, when you were in that zome, where where you were sort of like rudderless or or or depressed now, I mean, you must have seen was there was there party you that got scared of where you were in the sense that like a lot of the people you hung out with? It seemed like we're dying. Yeah. I mean, like you, you know you spend time with said vicious. Yeah. And that like ended like her as bad as as drug scene. It ended ended that way for nearly and you must have seen a lot of that shit. Totally. And you wanna go down like that. Did you have that moment where you're like, fuck. I knew I was kinda heading in that direction and. Yeah, definitely scary. Those felt very alone. When you know nobody's around and drinking allow us to talk to you or. Yeah, you're that person I want and doing other things. Yeah, yeah, I definitely know. Yeah. Yeah, I got. I got off of that shit too. It's then I thought, well, you know what? Maybe maybe will join the military, you know, put I was serious. I thought I'm gonna. Otherwise, I'll die. Learn something. I'll get some discipline. All travel meet people, you know better. No, I won't die. Yeah, prison, right. You gotta get you. So. You know, I was seriously thinking about it and then I met Connie and I didn't have to go go that route. Put it always made me recognize that. And that's why I like to when I can do stuff for for the troops and play for them and do two things here because they're just like me. They are me could have been me. I almost went. So you know, it's just I. Just have that sort of recognition shirt. Yeah, yeah. The sentence. To go fight and kill people. Right? Yeah, yeah. So, yeah, gives you a lot of stuff for the troops, right? I've done things. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. So I think that's interesting about the partnership that you guys created like your your music history. He's very specific before her that you that. You know, Buddha records was making a specific type of music, and we talked about that a little before with Kim Foley. Who also did I would you call a bubble gum pop or what? What's? What's the word? Well, I get the very smallest definition bubble gum, which was the Buddha thing and and and had a Buddha, Neil Bogart named it. Bubblegum the Ohio express, nine hundred ten fruit gum company. Other people define it like Jeff berry says, is teddy bear by Elvis, right, right. Type a hit though you're trying to make it. Yeah. Well, it's, you know, the way of looking at it. I look at it that the thing that I was. Thought of that's the bubblegum and other pop music. Yeah, but then all the people think Chami row who did dizzy and and maybe even the Partridge him get them as a a television phenomena, sir. Like the monkey. Yeah, but I don't look at it as bubblegum, but other people do well, what? But some of the song were involved in its parties. Well, yummy, yummy, chewy, chewy, one-two-three, red lights. Loaning Mony Mony is the big done, Don Don. Oh, that's him on the on the piano organ on organ piano. The Tobin wouldn't use the organ and you play with Tommy James. Oh yeah. It was the Led Zeppelin of bubblegum. Then you guys covered crimson and clover. That was you, did you did the best job at that song?.

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