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France looking for somewhere to enjoy this weekend's game against the cowboys our WGN Jay street team along with Miller lite will be at buckets and receive Sunday starting at three o'clock enjoy three twenty five Miller like sixteen ounce gas for five for fifteen dollars loss will be giving away a Josh Jackson signed helmet at halftime Miller like Jack passes for the October fourteenth game against the Detroit Lions official contest rules visit W. G. M. J. dot com come by and see us and please drink responsibly. snoring and sleep apnea sufferers usually fall into one of two groups you've either been treated and dissatisfied with the solution you can get it for you reluctant to seek treatment because you've seen the C. pap mask and don't want anything to do with it if you're satisfied with your treatment you've seen the wrong specialist the root of your snoring for obstructive sleep apnea issue is in your throat. and throw problems can't be solved by lung doctor Warren around. so for those looking for a solution other than a seat you'll find with the help of admits nose and throat slit special. C. pap mask might be your best option but that will be determined until we thoroughly rolled out what could be a simpler more effective solution I'm doctor Medicaid if you're going to get your best sleep you have to be able to breathe well good advent knows dot com to schedule and appoint because and it knows when you breathe well you're Lestat..

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