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For user friendly as face was there once has a double off of the first page of Brantley trash this one eight to right center field since back. Robert for the Astros radio network rally to force extras then rallied again to tie the game at nine in the twelfth inning Brantley but the walk off two run Homer there Houston eleven Seattle nine in thirteen elsewhere the race with the blue Jay six to four Tampa Bay and Oakland holding down the to a wildcard spots is the ace played at seven in the seven to be the angels tend to six in defeat Mike trout match people on that with the Mets with his major league leading forty fifth home run the twins that's the red Sox two to one white Sox raise the Indians seven a one behind a one hitter from Reynaldo Lopez he struck at eleven for Chicago Rangers of the Orioles three to one the Tigers best of the Royals six to four nationally brave double up the nationals forty two for their seven straight when Max free pitched one hit ball over seven to improve the sixteen and four for Atlanta the cubs out front the brewers ten to five Kyle sure over the grand slam for Chicago Marlins ten pirates seven the red stop the Phillies eleven forty three cardinals went the giants at ten nothing women's semi finals at the US open Serena Williams Chris that's a limits for the lean in straight sets well nineteen year old Canadian Bianca entry yes you did the same against Belinda bench inch it'll be her first grand slam final first player to get this far to US open debut since Venus Williams back in nineteen ninety seven I'm Chris lopresti. this is jewel Marie from Denver Nuggets lives in Texas where thirteen hundred. you're listening to after hours with Amy Lawrence it seems that so many people are looking forward to a radio show so we of course will be keeping you company like this particular tweet which I really love unfortunately I'm forced to listen to your show did you know the whole the guy from places no I love it I don't care she likes it or not he's listening. readings don't calculate whether or not you love or hate the show that's what Twitter is all about it's for people who are not courageous at all it just like to fire shots over the wall hiding behind. thanks if you don't have anything nice to say about somebody don't say anything at all welcome to the world of social media here I got ninety nine problems. one zero hours. if you love the Superbowl well.

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