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Com. Cheryl is a former New York City fashion designer, and she was yearning to be creative. After becoming a mom. She even lost herself at one point, and we're going to get into that Cheryl shares with us how her jewelry line changed her life. For a lot of people when you know you want to do this is I want to do do it. Do it, Do it. Come on. Ask about me. You know it's the side hustlers podcast calling. So one of the things I love talking about in this podcast is connections and how I've met people, and Cheryl is one of those crazy kind of connections. I met Cheryl's product before I met her. So I was at a layer in west Seattle the day I also met Shandon, who's been on this podcast and has been awesome supporter of side hustlers, and has had AH lot of side hustlers events at her store. And I was there with King five and we were shooting a What's trending, which aired weekly at the time, and we were at this is for NBC. And we're filming different things that Shannon had in a lair, and she was like you have to wear this necklace. This girl's awesome. She's a local mom here in west Seattle, and her products are amazing. And it was this. I think I wore Cheryl Do it was the concrete country. Yes. So I wore the concrete circle necklace on TV, and I obviously fell in love with a tendon and later that day and continue going back. I was always looking at these necklaces from nor the maid and it was the remember one day I was like, I'm going to buy this and never normally buy jewelry because I have so much of it and we go to all these events where it gets gifted to us. And I fell in love and just kept buying all of Cheryl stuff. So that's why I'm so excited to have her in here this month, because she's a mom full time, Mom with really a full time business. Also, it's almost not a side hustle. So the way we've connected is crazy. We're going to get more into all the connections that have come out of us knowing each other, But I've met your amazing product before I met you, which is crazy to think about. Yeah, no, totally. And you've you're always wearing my love. And, ironically, not at the moment I was like, Oh, this is so weird that you're in here today and I have it on every day, but not right now. It's okay. Rohan. Hey. So based off your accent, we all know you're not from America. So how? No. Did you get here during my undergraduate in Belfast? So I wasn't fine. Our major on there was this thing called the B I. The business education initiative. They Paired people from Northern Ireland with colleges in the West, and so you had to apply for it, and I got it for business like a one year diploma. And so they asked you, you get to kind of select work. Well, we thought we could select where we wanted to go. Of course they said New York, which you know I ended up there anyway. But they sent me to Missouri. So like at a little town outside of literal America, yes. Midwest. They sent me to a little town called ST Charles, Missouri. Just outside of ST Louis. So yeah, I I studied business for year Went back home. Finished my undergraduate Then you know, after graduation, I was, you know, selling my paintings and Art galleries and kind of working full time as a visual merchandiser on window dresser at a department store I was doing both of those. I was like, panting on the weekends and working full time and then I was like, Okay, what else Because that it, you know, and I kind of had a taste of kind of being in America. And, you know, even though business was not my thing, I was like, Well, how do I get back? And it's like I Don't have any money, so I, you know, obviously, I had the money that I was making selling paintings and you know my full time job And so I contacted my school and I was like, Hey, I want to come back. But can you offer me like part scholarships like an okay for tuition and like, do a Masters because I wanted to do a masters in fashion. Like if I had to do that back home, I would probably have to start like with a Undergraduate first something, you know? Yes, they offered me part part scholarship. I literally only because I worked a ton of ours at the president's office at school. I probably only had to pay like $6000 out of pocket for masters. I worked so hard on literally. Whatever savings I had from like when I saved in Belfast. I like took it with me. And I give it all to them, Then you and then how did you get to New York? Okay, so my my boyfriend at the time was like, hey, so If you're studying fashion, like and you want a job in fashion, you should probably go to New York. Like you should try to get an internship in New York trying to get you out of there. That's what I thought. I was like What? You're trying like You're going to send me away. What you talking? What are you going to do You going to stay here? I was like what? And he was like, No, he's like I think it's like That's what you need to do. Like what you going to dio after you finish your masters and like he's right, so I came around to the idea, and I was like, Okay, I'm going to start playing for internships. So I applied for I applied for three internships actually wanted with them was with Betsey Johnson and my professor had said to me, Don't take that one. She will make you sweep the floor in for coffee like you need to go with a smaller place that's going to really use you and that really needs you. And it's going to be like, teach you all the pine and stuff. And so I chose to smaller ones on I got a job out of one, which later so is a smaller contemporary designer was tons of work, but it kind of crashed during that whole like recession. I was the last one when things kind of closed up. I was the last one while kind of out. Yeah, So it was contemporary. It was like cotton so very modern. So it was after that job that you were sitting at a coffee shop. Right or no. Yeah, So after that job, I was like, okay, Things aren't going well here..

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