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280 compared to other major subscription tv cable providers klay based on two thousand one to two thousand seventeen acsi series of customers reading their own tv providers performance drift who've direct to customers equipment is required restrictions apply visit at t dot com for details the ap radio news i'm ed donahue the number of dead from an attack on a mosque in egypt is up to two hundred thirty five this appears to be the latest attack by the ariza local islamic state affiliate the attack on the algorithm mosque happened in the town of beta forty kilometers from the north sidni provincial capital of l irish earlier officials said militants in four of road vehicles bombed the mosque and fired a worshippers during the sermon segment of friday prayers i'm zaria schalke the attack targetted a mosque frequented by sufis members of islam's mystical movement there were multiple reports of shots fired today around the oxford circus station in london he was evacuated there was panic posting have everything you ever think about an hour later police in london said they had found no sign of any gunshot suspects or casualties turkey says president trump has agreed to stop arming syrian kurds the president spoke on the phone with turkey's president today electronic seem to be the big seller so far on black friday at auto thinks they left and it would dis wing on this especially on phones because cordless headphones as good that man is in new york and this woman is not happy that some stores are open on thanksgiving i wish they go back to the old tradition of the black friday at midnight soon as you at the thanksgiving when turns midnight on friday that's when a the and the hot toys for the holidays finger links robotic monkeys lova bell love abella moving dolls and pick me pops and lol surprised big surprise are hard to find so far brazilian police say an american diplomat was shot in the foot during an attempted robbery while travelling outside rio de janeiro buys councillor stephanie bowl.

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