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So it was like it was really contrast because the farm was not my day to day life. The farm was like summer and winter break, and that's your dad's fast dad's family. Yeah. And like we had like dotes and horses and a salmon stream in like, willow, trees and big property. And I think that's a huge reason. As to why I am not as screwed up as maybe I should be is because there still time. I always time. But yeah, I really loved what that provide me with an understanding of what I want to adopt my day to day life, and how I want to conduct myself on daily life, and that doesn't mean living in seclusion on a farm. But it does mean like maintaining normalcy is really important selling a balance. You tell me your most outrageous ghost story from the shut till mom. Do I don't know if there's ghost stories. I have I have a lot of like random party stories behind it. You know, is it just like John Belushi died there. Right. Like, I more like ghosts that our people. Once drunkenly wander into my room, and we got into a fight for like thirty minutes about how this was not her room. And she was like, that's my stuff. Like why case I'm like man went through my suitcase. This is mine. I was like, no it's not now, let's get you some coffee. No, you're doing music, tell me about your music. So when people ask me to describe what what my sound is. I like to describe it as like if PJ Harvey and Fiona apple got into a fistfight that was broken up by Dolly Parton, and Jeff Buckley's crying in the court. Actually that makes. Get it. And so now are you so into label you're doing your own thing? I can't speak. Okay. I get it. But but let's say it's put into motion. Yes. Oh, that's great. That's very exciting. That's really exciting. Exciting gac. And so what kinda music do you? Listen to daily what you listen to this morning. I listen to Dolly Parton on the way here. A lot song was listened to dumb blonde. Joshua, those are like two real like home down songs of there's this girl named Sharon van Eaton who's like an indie lesbian. But I love her. I don't know if she's a lesbian, actually, I should take that back. She's very indie kind of Butch aesthetic. And she has this really beautiful song because called the every time the sun comes up, and it's one of those songs that captured me and. Let's see who else on a bike lake like show tunes. Barbara streisand. Like anything, Barbara there's a there's a song called the something called supermarket something where it's like, it's all these like like Chinese supermarket. Sounds in the background of her voice over super funny. Oh, are you? Do you? Listen to your parents music. Well. I I have listened to it. It's different listening. Knits your mom and dad, also like emotional ties because specific stuff will be about like about me or referencing something I'm very intimately knowledgeable about or involved with. So it's it's it's like I can recognize like specifically like with Kurtz, musically, Kurtz artistry was on another level. And like that I as a fellow artist I can recognize like how important and substantial his lyrics on his melodies. And he was but on an emotional level. It's still like this guy who I was like Santa Claus like related to Santa Claus. And like it's like, so that's an emotional tie thing on his face, and I have fucking. That. Oh my goodness. Now, you've you've lived a lot. All ready you've been married and divorced. And are you the what what do you think that's about? Do you think what why did you get married to early?.

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