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To mention you just leave you didn't just leave Chicago and just for the weather. You also are in a place where there is great and iconic food on the barbecue side. And so we want to get a little Intel and recon from you. And you are as the listeners will will get to know a barbecue aficionado, and certainly a fan of all things again a graduate of camp brisket, right right there. Texas A&_M university. Oh, three day class. So you think you think of obviously think of Franklin barbecue, and you think of some of the Salt Lake and some of those ones that really have kind of a national footprint as far as awareness, but there's other places that you are just as good or better. Right. If you're gonna make a trip down there, you got to see him. Absolutely. So a lot of folks come down to Texas, and I strongly encourage them to come down to Texas and do these duties brisket tours or branch out and do ribs, and and sausage and all of the other offerings. But Lexington Texas has snows barbecue amazing amazing barbecue magnolia Texas has an emerging star in Reveille barbecue. And these these are the kind of places where people these are, you know, they're they're they said there were five ingredients that go into it. It's salt pepper meet time and smoke. That's that's what goes into it. And the people who are. Running these places who own these places, either small businesses and. They take such pride in the products that they're putting out. So I would encourage folks to come down and spend a couple of days going from place to place and seeing the differences that Texas barbecue offers. Yeah, that's high praise coming from Andy to because he knows of what he speaks in a certainly a big fan of great barbecue. And we're going to build those into and help you or you can help curate that list. We do we're gonna do like Texas barbecue road trip show coming up in February. And we're definitely gonna add a couple of those places as well. We'll we're we're gonna let you get back to enjoying your weekend, and your and your family can't think enough for jumping on and sharing the mysteries. And and some of the amazing sights and sounds and certainly flavors of of Columbia. Thanks for jumping on the show today. Hey, thanks, a lot talk to you. All right. Thanks. That's it. So a lot of things. I mean, that's a value. Right. You wanna get down? There. Get yourself a far that everyone needs a fire. What if you just needed a, you know? I guess something else, you know, like the hotel room. Maybe the fact that you can rent what I would call not isolated. But, but you know, you want quiet a quiet area where you can go with family, relax and enjoy it. But also value on groceries, and like all those things can be a nightmare. If you're trying to like, you know, not just put flights. But you gotta handle the day to day knowing that that there's such a value. They're like, I put some pictures up to. I think any a couple of pictures of of the farm. It's nice. This isn't like jed clampett. Right. It's really actually very very cool. All right. So we're going to take a break when we come back. We're going to send it to news. And after news, we're going to have Scott Pruitt on he is the grand Marsh for the Rolex twenty four at Daytona coming up at the end of the month, an amazing guy a legend excited to have him on. So keep it here. Quick break. We'll come back with wrote to news on the road, seven twenty WGN..

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