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Nick coming back man up to that no one no one ever talks about how jordan lost in the conference semi's but he was he was out of shape we wouldn't even basketball chic though i mean maybe he wasn't even quite for before the playoffs six months later he was eight months later he was winning the championship all right steve lavin is gonna join us pac twelve analyst of course does the tournament does stuff for usps x ucla coach in regards to basketball yes he went to several sweet sixteens with ucla he's going to join us to talk turney and what the hell happened the pac twelve next public quick corrections before we get to steve lavin who join us here scottie pippen did okay you guys singing and so would you when ever you won't do are you guys thinking steve lavin coach steve levin now joins us here on kishan the morning wow do you notice how green the trifecta do you do you notice our grain music here's this foreign to your eardrums oh no yeah this is i grew up in the late sixties early seventies i'm an old man so all the way through the eighties so can you give us a couple of hours bility's but but we also had range in house oh my parents were kinda ahead of their time with the boston nova tony bennett sinatra and then you know we've the whole spectrum of motown and you name it so i i was the youngest six children so there was a real quick when you got five siblings and your parents or seven people that are influencing your your musical tastes.

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