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I've always been interested in learning that doesn't mean necessarily good at school right because I did not like homework either. I didn't like having to prove to the teacher that I heard what they said. Yeah but tension thing issues a little bit yeah you know especially then I was. I was the only child you know so. It was my grandma like I said we had two cats and I was. I was a little Weirdo at school especially. When I was younger when I was younger I was a bully even a really oh yeah because I was. I had a lot of displaced displaced anger. Yeah Yeah didn't know where to put it. So and kids treated me like I was weird already so I just kind of fell into it until I went too far in someone's a a dad called the cops on me and then I was like all right. I am literally done with this because because you know I think about I think about the people I bullied a lot to as as adult. I go like Oh man I was so I was a mean kid but I was confused and afraid and then at some point I went and you know this doesn't do anything. I'm just hurting. Someone's not seen like you too. I mean you know it just doesn't seem in character and of course you say displaced anger that ah that's the explanation right there. I would assume I WANNA feel. A powerful new claims yeah yeah I WANNA feel powerful and in control of way so having having an effect on another child was like made me feel like I was important. Ya where I was somebody which I think is the heart of all bullying. Somebody just wants to feel feel like they matter in some kind of way and I guess I want. The cops were called on me. I was like this is not. This is not the way uh-huh even as a even as a third grader. I'm like there's gotta be a better way. thank. God you had the realization at that age. Yes exactly just because I wasn't on bullied. If that's the irony I was never. I wasn't that physical kids yeah because I was not. I was a slight child. Yes wasn't intimidating. The seems like your brain is your muscle. Yes I was psychologically terrorize to yeah other kids with my existential dilemmas in in riddles that I would throw with them and then we moved. Thank the Lord Reinvent Myself. That's great when I when my mom remarried in between second and third grade her my stepfather adopted me and my brother so that because my mom wanted to have more kids she wanted all the kids to have the same last name and she also wanted the financial stability that my stepfather now call a. my stepfather although he was my legal guardian but how old were you when I was well it was I was eight. Okay you know yeah because it was between between between second third grade okay yeah yeah yeah and so. I was Andy Richter and then when I got adopted in between second and third grade going to new school I became Andy Swanson because that was my stepfather's last name and in such a transparent transparent in retrospect such a transparent attempt at like attempting some sort of control. I decided Andy Swanson didn't sound decorate and my full name Ms Paul Andrew Richter and my mother is always called me by my middle name. Her logic was named after my uncle Paul but I don't really like my uncle Paul so she called me. Andy rate so I've been. Andy betted something. I dislike and your name. I know I know so I've been Andy my whole life and it was very handy when I had problems with bill collectors because anytime anybody called asking for Paul I wasn't there he wasn't there. It was his roommate Glen. I just tomato roommate. Glen and I even got relationships with some of the bill collectors as Glenn. I gave him the message. I'm sorry trying to help you out but anyway I I decided Andy. Swanson didn't sound good so I became Paul Swanson then so for third and fourth grade I was Paul. Swanson Been Andy Richter and then like grandfather died. My grandmother couldn't maintain this big house the big family house that my great grandfather had built yes so my mom and my Stepdad move us all back in there by that time I had a a younger brother and sister who are twins moves back in. I go back to the same school for Fifth Grade and I'm a this is the new kid Paul Swanson and it's it's all these kids are like you're not Paul. You're Andy Fuck it all right andy. So when I became an I mean I was always andy at home but I mean and I'm fine with it but it was just an opportunity for -tunities timmy it just was like it was so much like there was so much change being thrown at me and I'm GonNa. Change my first name I mean I think those is a very jarring ages meal. It's it's very it's you know those kinds of changes on a little kid. Are I think are very formative. You know I think it's I think definitely you know and I think like like just you know the thing that you you know when you said that's my mom come to walk and that that's that's gotta got to be a heavy thing that has you know will now. It's no but I mean it's got. It's got to have it had an effect of some kind of dissociation with yes this primary relationship and then also this kind of idea of I guess I WANNA say like temporarily or yeah something where it's just kind of like we're always moving. You know we're always I'm always with somebody else or something like that. I mean you know when my mom and I moved to Vegas. You know like I said it was my myself my grandmother for a really long time then I had a stepfather Victor improbably seventh or eighth grade in my brain getting fuzzy but he came into the picture and then my little sisters were born when I was heading into high school. I was happy change for you. You got along with them okay. We never really got along now. We kind of like we tolerated each other to this day yeah so it's kind of like my little sisters are thirteen years younger than my brother. Minor nine nine wins nine years younger. Yes so that's like we're very different places in our lives. You know like I was going to college yet when they were starting to make full sentences and you have a full conversation. Oh you're a human being now changing diapers and now you're like here's what I think and I'm like. Oh Wow yeah but I was in the east coast by that point so it's those transitions are always kind of tricky. I guess you could say especially when we my grandmother moved out for a little bit and then Nj move back in so it was like the me. My grandmother got a bunk bed which was super cool. Really Popular Child Hope. You made her sleep. Keep on the topic. Get up there. No she claimed she was like mine. NERD futons the bottom of the futons kind of like it turned into a couch where we could watch TV. Nice we had TV in every room and cable because we didn't want to talk to each other and luckily I got to watch all these movies yeah I guess I was talking about the whole bullying thing I transitioned out of that and then became a kid that became bullied when I moved to the other neighborhood then I was like the weird slight nerdy awkward kid with the chip to that but then also by that time I was really into comedy yeah so I didn't think think that any bully was fly. When kids made fun of me I was like that's not really that like I was like. I was like a Youtube commenter kind of lame. That's not that's not really that her formative eh funny I mean did you use your your your humor as a as a defense intellect so many people deflect bullying absolutely absolutely yeah yes yes and it was like I could make people laugh. Yeah which means that was the way then had the power instead of terrorizing children. I could entertain them. You know make them laugh and that was positive so sort of like and then if I make them laugh then maybe I'll be well like maybe when somebody wants to beat me up somebody else will be like up. Believe him alone right right Larry. You know how that always works sure sure absolutely now because of all that constant chain. Yes I mean you. You've chosen a career. That is not exactly stable now. Do you think I mean. Do you think that that was because it's what you've grown used. I used to because you know I think I think that that kind of constant change. When you're young you can either you can go one way or the other with it and you obviously kind of. Maybe got used to it. You you know yeah I mean. That's a really it's a student observation. I think that's what I'm here for. Welcome back to the studio observations. Just GonNa keep naming in his pocket right. Yeah I mean and that's something I'm actually as an adult. You know especially as a person who is a has a career in trying to maintain it. that question you're talking about is at the heart of where everything. I need to change as far as I'm concerned really because I've been living in sort out of a I don't want to say a manic kind of way but it's always like this chaos in which I'm juggling things and I'm always trying to catch up to it and so the if you will the the stress of the survival that I had in middle school is still embedded. How in how I do things how how you work. It's how I work yeah so it's sort of like Mike. I'm trying to let those things because they don't serve me yeah anymore and they and they're in the way more than anything else where it's just sort of like. Do I need to it. Just fully hate myself for three months to get a new ten minutes. Is that really that useful so those things are like still will. I guess you could say they're Kinda. I'm still kind of morphing that more or trying to sculpt them. How much did becoming a dad effect like impact that I think a lot yeah. I I think a lot because the moment my son was born. Just the thought of it's just not all about me anymore. it was my sister-in-law said now you know who the real baby is. That's a great way of looking at where it's yeah. It's definitely like okay well. I'm officially a grownup yeah so it's like Jake. It's now my job to address a lot of things that you know. I'm still stuck on so that way. I don't just pass it to him. You know like I can hopefully I don't give him all my bad habits. You know in all my all the ideas especially about how I feel about myself that he you know he's he's already pretty confident as far as I could and I'm just like I just gotTa maintain that yeah because I was kind of an inside kid you know how hot it was in Vegas just kind of socially awkward I was more interested in TV and stuff like that and then that was also where I was like refilling the creative well to be able to take material title to school entertain everyone that could have believed in me with yeah yeah so it's Kinda like now I'm like Oh. There's still this stress of being judged or or being what's the word. I'm looking forward kicked out which show Biz does rejection. Yes show Biz makes you feel like there's one hundred hundred people behind you and if you don't do what we say we will just pick. Somebody else. Looks exactly like you and we'll do what we ask so ah that's stressful yeah. That's one of the craziest thing help you create one of the craziest things about show business and I mean because there's a lot I mean there's a tremendously industry fucked up psychology loest people in show business and one thing that I have always noticed is that so many people in show business are are so much more affected by susceptible to being hurt by ruled by rejection they are it's defines like their inability to have a rejection defined so many people so many talented professionals that I know and they go into the fucking doc in rejection business go into the business. That's just rejection after rejection after rejection and not only that the thing that's always struck me like the one that blows my mind. It is awards shows. You got a room full of rejection junkies who now who have now made it to be like joke. He likes to the top of the fucking mountain. They're all wildly successful beyond what they're probably. Their wildest dreams were yes. They still have have to get to a point where out of ten people nine of them feel like shit. nine of them get to be rejected again like it's like a tooth a tooth that they get to push on again. Yeah yeah so weird and so crazy that we just can't it's. It's probably a good thing because if people started if people in show business I started really loving themselves. Everything would suck well. You know I kind of I kind of think that a lot of us are drawn to this because of dealing with rejection or or wanting that validation you know that something happened to us some sort of way where we need validation and can't deal with rejection and then we get into a business that is built around all that stuff so it seems to me that the people who usually do the best are the people who realize these things cannot be is this now this is now untenable to be a rejection junkie and then it'd be in this business so it's almost like we choose a profession that feeds off also those bad feelings kind of it kind of like a monster that feeds.

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