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Drafted. But it's an opportunity to finish wrong. Which michael carter. Do you like better at running back from north carolina because you took him before the other michael carter. Do you have a preference in these two. Michael carter's one of the most bizarre things i've seen and it was funny because as i was watching the draft they made a mistake on the coverage started playing the highlights of the other. Michael carter when you took the running back. Michael carter and then ended up taking both of them. No i mean so we we do this meeting with our with our scouting staff and the coordinators involved and it was so. It's we do at the day before the last day of the draft the morning of the last day of the draft us me and it's really like the last chance for for our scouts to really stand stand on the table. It's like a like put your stamp on this player. Put your initials on this player. And so are scott on the east coast. He he says. I want michael carter and i go. Which one he goes. Yes mc squared so No there's a there's a lot of passionate ability for for both michael carter's and and both of these guys have a chance to come in here and help us so now this is it. This is your team. You had a weird beginning of when you started. You've got your coach. You've got your quarterback you've got to fold draft classes underneath your belt thir- Is even a phrase under your belt so now that it's your team the pressure gets ratcheted up. I mean this. This is what you wanted though. And you're comfortable and everything that you've done to this point. Does it feel like joe. Douglas's team finally. It's it's it's it's our team like. It's it's not a show dog team. This is this is a coach. Sal woody johnson christopher johnson. You know we're we're all in this together You know our scouting staffer coaching staff and You know everybody understands the pressure you know. It'd be an in this market being in the city It's it's a win now mentality. And and i love it. I love the The passionate fanbase has and you know I i know kosh coach saleh and his staff. They just want to get better every day. You know really brick by brick and so I feel good about these. These young guys that we brought in. I feel good about speeding. Explosiveness that we brought in and we just gotta get on the grass and get better. If i ask you a question about aaron rodgers. you're gonna give me the stock answer. You can't talk about another team's player. You're gonna give me a real answer. I can't go another player. I love these draft picks too much. I can't lose any or as i do understand. Now i'm not gonna put you into a tough spot all right very good joe. We appreciate your time as always it's great talking t- and no other radio shows okay. Just us for the rest of your tenure here with the jets. I saw i appreciate you have a good one. That's andrew the jets joe douglas. It is his team. I know he wants to you. Know put pressure on everybody else. You know they did man they deem. They gave him the ability to do what he needs to do. And that's run the franchise. And that's and that's that's all you could ask. And he is rebuilt the franchise. It's been a lot of pain getting here and there. Maybe even some more pain moving forward with a young quarterback. But now what's going to be interesting is to seeing how the the first time head coach handles the sideline and handles the game management aspect of it go school. I'm jon meacham. Welcome to fate. A fact season one. This series is about how and why fact became a casualty of war in the united states. Men please listen and follow fate of fact a presentation of shining city audio a jon meacham and see thirteen original studio available now for free on odyssey apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Each the morning show with boomer. Esiason and greg nadi boomerang zeo jerry guys very interesting night as we know. We've been through it all this morning. One thing we discussed last hour was The oddity that happened in the cardinals win over the mets last night. Six five in the ninth. Are you kidding out on the night that aim the lights. Go out all my stadium along. We're gonna be here for this very tell you what they're very lucky that that pitch wasn't thrown pick up because god knows where it goes. The catcher wouldn't be able to see it could have been a mess At least he's wearing a mask. Yeah but you saw the the empire city field over. The weekend is wearing a mask. The guy was knocked into tomorrow. Yeah well that was a ninety five mile. An hour fastball. That was tipped well. What did you think that would have been who knows. I don't know jeb could have been a bomb the dirt who knows okay. Fair enough mile away just goes to show. They keep his old school. Oh yes jerry said this morning the lights back when we played wooden turn right back on. That was your boy g. That said that he's right. It would have taken forever for those lights to come back on. Led's now just like that. Boom yes so. He was only delayed like literally thirty seconds of getting home. Not that big a deal. Six five cardinals beat the mets all around lousy night because a the mets blew a lead. They were five to early and wound up losing because Joey lucchessi was terrible. He'll all six runs over. Two and two thirds. Here was louise roha. Everything was going. Okay and then. They weren't having great. Everything's after two outs. You salmonella in Warm up but not nothing time before everything. Everything happened yup two outs nobody on and then hit after. Hit after hit a home run ended. hit hit. Not good here was casey. This is not how. I drew it up. Jim this game really good. And i don't know i felt really well but wasn't my dad also had the strike out. That wasn't an having opportunity. Get keep this game was opening four. Yeah it was over four man. How many guys did he leave on base four. I think it was six. I think it might have been sick. Sixth inning i think to on right into it has been a major struggle for francisco door. Yes it faces. Loden struck out is one sixty one. He's batting one sixty three so i'm sorry he'll get to one sixty one when he strikes out his first about tonight or flies out because he's does a lot of that and a lot of flying out. You also had the mets. Firing chili davis and assistant hitting coach. Tom slater they hire hugh cuanto bomb or i should say promote him from their minor league director of hitting development Position here was gm zach had to do it. Our job is to support the players and put him in position succeed as a baseball operations group. And we just felt like the players needed a different level of support. Gal think that steve cohen has a batting cages backyard so when he invites the players to have dinner with him and gets the meet them that he can actually take them out back and watch how they could be possible. Yeah pitching machine to. You're gonna you know. Look at this way. I got a pitching machine cage in my backyard. And i'm worth nothing guys got fortune. Gotta gotta have a massive. He might have a feeling he might have fueled in his backyard. Whole stadium back. Yes i think he just took shea stadium. They said they demolished it but he actually got airlifted he recreated sansa greenwich mean. You never know. Deny jacob degrom faces johan oviedo as the mets Try to get back on the winning side of things they have fallen under five hundred again at eleven of twelve eleven and twelve and the cardinals have won a few and other seventeen. And twelve on the season yankees. Look to move over five hundred. They have played well granted. It was the tigers understood. Well tonight they get the astros who are fifteen and thirteen on the season. Domingo harmonic zack. Cranky the starters. They're full game coverage on sports radio. Sixty six wfan am And bad news for the dodgers one of their good starting pitchers dustin may miss having had issues with his. Ucla he is having tommy. John surgery sometime today so his season is over. I'll get you the good from last night. And that would be.

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