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For the latest on hurricane Florence. We go to NBC news meteorologist, build Karen's with the latest update from the national weather service Bill. What's the latest? Well, we just finding out that we've now no longer have a major hurricane on our hands. Florence has continued to do internal things that have weakened in its I. So that's a little piece of good news. So you have to remember the wind is just one piece of this puzzle, and that's only the max wins that doesn't describe the whole Winfield of the storm. So just because the max winds have weakened, actually the expansion of the hurricane force gusts went from seventy miles to eighty miles wide, and we still have a Winfield tropical storm force winds that can knock down trees and knocked out power. That's two hundred miles wide. So just because you're going to hear it's no longer a four, three and it's a two does not mean we're out of the woods doesn't mean we're still not looking at it potentially life threatening and life, altering storm in areas like Wilmington, North Carolina, new Bern, North Carolina, Jacksonville, North Carolina, and possibly even for a friend in Myrtle Beach. So here's the new advisory. One hundred ten mile per hour winds. Nothing to sneeze at that's a strong as you can get for a category two to about three hundred eighty five miles from Wilmington. You could see the. I kind of lost its structure a little bit here and that's why we've seen the weakening, but the Winfield is still expansive. Here's the new forecast path from the Hurricane Center, we still are watching a slowdown. There's no loop. It doesn't look like it's going to completely stall. It's definitely gonna hit the brakes. So this is Thursday night. This is tomorrow night at eight PM. This is when the hurricane force winds and that northern I will should be close to our friends at Carter county here from morehead city all the way through Atlantic beach, the emerald Nile area, Carolina beach heading into right Phil beach. And then it could be over the top of Wilmington who knows maybe even going through the I as the sun comes up Friday morning notice as a category. One a couple of days ago about eighty even twenty four, two, three, six hours ago that was a category three over the top of Wilmington. So that would mean less wind damage and less structural damage with the wind. And then we're going to drift it in weakened significantly into Saturday into central portions of South Carolina. That's too. Hundred miles. It's going to travel in about forty eight hours. That's still a very slow crawler about four to five miles per hour. That's why we still have huge flooding concerns. We're now seeing the storm coming onto this is the outer rain bands. So we still got a ways to go before we see the effects. And as far as the hurricane force winds, we're still timing it out five PM Thursday. That's when they begin in eastern North Carolina. So Lawrence, the bottom line, we still expect a devastating storm surge and the rainfall, but the winds maybe down a little bit less Bill Cairns. Thanks for the update. Scams sakes murder. Murder committed for money. I'm Stacy Keach. The boys have CNBC's crime series. American subscribe to the American repoed Cavs, shocking cases. All true. Some people will do anything for money.

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