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Hello and welcome to episode interview describing on your hers somerset and today i have the great pleasure speaking with ryan in south africa. Welcome to destroy line. How you doing today thank you very much duncan on. I'm doing all right today. It's been a normal day normal sunday so far so everything is quite good. Thank you so much affected by the carbon. It might say I am a fictitious My my workplace did do a few cutbacks in everything and even with with with with salary salary wise i got cut. So it's it's kind of hard paying my dates and all of those things so but but further everything is is is why you should do. I asked how how the mental health journey began. So we might be going back again as you talk about. How fast appeared had you reacted. Did you get into hospital yet. How did you get diagnosed. That's what happens if he like to talk about. Yeah must story actually stalled way back in my childhood. I am currently twenty six so on but but but from childhood. I have very vivid memories of my childhood of paranormal experiences in everything so the earliest memory for me is. I woke up inside the ocean. I saw a beach in front of me colorful umbrellas everywhere. People playing in in the ocean and things and i looked at myself and i wondered why am i so read but that was in in my home in my home language so i ask myself why am i so red..

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