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Things the Genesis communications network for making this you'll happen Is working the dials and Vic thanks for tuning in we really appreciate it don't forget? To follow us on Twitter and Facebook that after Dolly show so how do we get the no cancer gene that. Elephants have apparently. Less than five percent of elephants die from. Cancer researchers think they figured out why this was a, study, that came from the, university, of Chicago and elephants produce zombie jeans they call them it can help protect the animal from cancer Now are USA today they break down they say humans and. Other animals carry. One copy of a master tumor suppressor gene So we have. One copy of this tumor suppressor so. When we see us cell go rogue, a cell, start to kind of go AWOL we've been can't suppress gene for that Elephants though have twenty copies sides that. Gene can trigger a quote zombie gene To come, back to life with a new purpose killing cells in, damage DNA Yeah I'm a little confused by that too I think of Walking Dead I, guess what they're saying is If, there is a cell or gene that. May not be active okay. Maybe a repressed or suppressed gene It could turn it. Into something that turns around and, has a, new sort. Of mission say that that's a concept of zombies zombies are humans that were about you know we're fine then it's coming back from the dead and then. Turning. Around and then being a. Nuisance That's kind of what they're talking about, here except not a nuisance it's something that we want. We, want cancer cells killed Vincent Lynch and assistant professor human. Genetics at the university of Chicago say this is Ben official because it acts in response. To genetic mistakes or is made when the DNA is being repaired getting, rid of, that cell. To prevent a subsequent cancer now scientists say the gene also ops elephants enjoyed long lives They believe. They, came to existence twenty five to thirty million years ago And they say there were groundhog sized amp sisters of modern elephants, I don't remember my. Evolutionary, class Saint elephants with the. Size of groundhogs but. They said there yeah I took an evolution class I did the credits I wasn't my, favorite class because I. Had a, real. Tough, time balancing, bible and evolution but it was cool I'm like. Okay, well you know I could see how things I see the pictures again But still not my favorite class so researchers want to conduct more studies to. Find out how exactly the jeans and elephants kill off the cells damage DNA then it can help humans and. If we can figure out how to make our body turn around and, fight off cancer better. Than, the lead to obviously better. Strategies to prevent entry. Cancer they say seventeen percent of people worldwide die of cancer and the statistics I've heard, is one out of. Every two, people. Get, some sort, of cancer now that doesn't mean we die from it But one out of every two. People we'll have something turn cancerous whether. It's a little skin lesion whether it's. Breast colon prostate that's assuming they live long enough pass a heart attack so. According to Joshua Schiffman professor pediatrics at the university of Utah he's an investigator at the Huntsman Cancer Institute these as we can understand how these Genova changes, are contributing to cancer, resistance then we, could able to start. Thinking about how do, we translate this to our, patients okay so you're probably listening. To this going or how do I predict there I don't want design be gene I just want to live my life, I don't want to need. Medicine later I definitely don't want to have to deal with the after effects of that so male clinic has seven tips to reduce your risk of cancer and, a lot, of you guys already know this and you. Don't believe it when I when I tell you I don't smoke you gotta eat right you. Don't believe it but let me explain why Okay What we talk, about don't use. Tobacco we know smoking's leaked to larynx, cancer pancreatic, cancer and ladder, cancer lung, cancer and kidney, cancer cervical, cancer all sorts of. Stuff. Right chewing tobacco to when I tell you to not use. Tobacco I I, mean I mean avoided even. Secondhand even third, hand don't breathe in something that you don't need. To If someone's vaping near you. Get away from, that if someone's smoking joint get away from that If there's a smoker in the. House tell them to, like leave quit smoking I can't say how many secondhand or, how many cancer cases or from secondhand You know you may not want to quit for you well you know because I want to keep. My, way down and I like my habit and I've. Lived a full life yeah but you got other people you're going to hurt So whether you whether? You, smoke with you to keep. In. Mind you could be causing, cells to, go rogue so then you're eating a healthy. Diet, everybody hates to be told us when you got eat healthier you gotta healthier well what does that mean well obviously. More, fruits and vegetables okay and we're not talking potato We're talking, the green leafy. Vegetables, the bright peppers that? Kind, of stuff they also found. That. The less obese the better But the big thing is is the processed foods, the more we eat processed foods apparently the. World Health, Organization has, found we do have a slightly, it a slightly higher. Increased risk of getting certain types of cancer you know they. Said women who eat a Mediterranean diet supplemented with extra virgin. Olive oil mixed nuts may reduce the risk of breast cancer. We also know that the Mediterranean diet could up. The heart so we really need to. Opt for fish over red meat, we need to, choose.

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