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Call it my PM pep rally. You should really try it. Whatever it is, that gets you running. Duncan's not you and always Will. America runs on Dunkin Armenia and Azerbaijan have announced a third ceasefire attempt in their conflict over the mountainous the Gordo Cara back enclaves starting Monday morning to earlier Russia brokered ceasefire agreements fell apart almost immediately, with both sides accusing each other of violations. 13 new cardinals have been named by Pope Francis, including the first black American Cardinal Pope Francis naming 13 new cardinals, among them. Washington D C Archbishop Wilton Gregory, who would become the first black US prelate to earn the coven. Red cap, the pontiff, making the surprise announcement Sunday from his studio Window. Two faithful standing below in Vatican City is ST Peter's Square. Other new cardinals include an Italian who's the longtime people preacher of the Vatican at a churchman from Rwanda. A ceremony for the new cardinals is set for November. 28th Paul Stevens, Fox News. Thousands of people took to the streets of Iraq's capital in several southern cities to mark one year since Mass and a government demonstrations swept the country. Protesters renew their demands to end corruption. Police used tear gas and some injuries were reported. For those of you who love this time of year because of Halloween. The travel channel has some scary programming. That's perfect for you. Boxes. Tanya J. Powers, the Travel Channel seven nights of Fried kicks off this evening with a two hour paranormal caught on camera, the top 100 Featuring scary unexplained videos this week also includes a new special on the Amityville Horror House, as well as Ghost adventures. Horror at Joe Exotic Zoo. For you. Fans of the Tiger King documentary. Then there's the Osbournes. Knot of terror with Ozzy Sharon, Jack and Kelly as it goes to.

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