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You twenty three and me offer ends may thirteenth, folks. But it was it was such a different time. And and the way Tonnison in the game is evolved with the, you know with the equipment and the training, and though the look in everything is just it's been kind of interesting to watch is. So so what happened? I guess your mother had to see something in you because I'm sure she would have sounds like the kind of woman that just would speak her mind if she felt something right? So if you didn't have that certain talent that I thought look she'll let you probably live your dreams, and do whatever you can. But she saw something special because she took you out to California. Well, she did. Yeah. And and turn me over to punch Llosa girl now who educate people, and my girl is was one of my mom's best friends because my mom played the national circuit when she was young. Also in Pancho Segura was from Ecuador's appro from Ecuador, and they became great friends when a along the way in the the forties. So so when when he was was coming through Saint Louis, I was fifteen years old. He came through Saint Louis to to to play a match, and he was doing some some promotion for the for the match coming up. So we went over to him and to say hi to in my mom looks at poncho and says I've got a kid here. You know, this pretty good. My kid am I kid, by the way. Right. Exactly. You know? And now now the first thing I do is go hide behind my mom after that. Why not only are coming out? And it's how many times is the great punch cigar heard that from parents to. But because it was Gloria Thompson, you know, my mom who he knew he says how about this send your kid out to California. He can go to school with my son Spencer who was my age. And and you know, he can he can stay out here in in in play tennis and count. He didn't he didn't cut you off. But he didn't ask you to let see him play right now..

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