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To Fox News. And I've got this pack of four sharp rescue dogs. Jimmy Coco, another Sharpay. One pug Who is Jo. I have stuck with the dynamite for my goodness. Probably 56 years. I n O v I P people remark really? How Well my dog look but beautiful. Coach. They got I tell me up, they get a regular diet of dynamite with every meal. China bite is nutrition. All I have to do is a dog food. It's a pandemonium. They could be half a sweet and they're up and thrilled flicks squeaky clean. You don't need Teo, wait until a problem presents itself. It's far better to keep the dog happy and healthy at all times. Dina bite for life. It won't be how happy your dog will be able to have get dynamite. I tell I get my dino fight from d I n o v i e dot com. Our bit of homeland Security, says there is no evidence any foreign power could have tampered in the election, saying there's no evidence any foreign adversary was capable of preventing Americans from voting or changing vote tallies. The Golden State killer is now locked on. Joseph D'Angelo had eluded police for years, but he couldn't allude President he longer showing up to state prison Tuesday. He's serving multiple life sentences for rapes and murders that terrorized much of California in the 19 seventies and eighties. Sacramento County District attorney and Marie Schubert says there were clues all along that help the case. Get to this point, there were upwards of 50.

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