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In the news continues ends sports news carolina panthers news is okay he was just talking about kelvin benjamin is now a buffalo bill after yesterday reaction from around the sports world will have some of that as well kyle bailey joins us next hour scott fowler will join us in the eight o'clock hour and his article in the observer this morning a captioned this way it sounds absurd that panthers trading kelvin venture men make sense a reja bit of that here he said at carolina didn't have to trade him if the panthers were so enamoured with having different skill sets on the field they could have just benched number thirteen believe me though that could have turned into a major distraction and the panthers locker room so the panthers of shift benjamin out and now they have one less weapon on a mediocre offense that has average only ten points in its last two games it sounds absolutely absurd when you first hear it in reality this trade is not absurd in the least herni and rivera are trying to do something to a team that needs some health even if it is five and three i applaud the boldness i don't actually no of trading benjamin away will workout or not nobody does really no matter how loud that person shells at you in the next 24 hours but i get the logic behind the move and ultimately it makes a convoluted kind of sense unquote from scott fowler this morning and the charlotte observer now some voices across the sports world that he talked about usually these guys are pretty loud tony kornheiser michael will bonn on pardoned the interruption yesterday on espn this is you know where they do the roleplaying thing and i guess i guess tony kornheiser was playing the role of cam newton kelvin benjamin care of your team kelvin beckwith parents up i had that reversed it's actually will go playing the role of cam newton here we go rearopening benjamin care of your team kelvin benjamin your wide receiver he had giant wide receiver to ignore this just went to the.

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