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In the morning with jonesing wakeup call the way through the first hour of the Conway show here on KFI. So there is a rich democratic donor who lives in West Hollywood by the name of Ed buck. If that name sounds familiar, that's because there was a twenty six year old man who died from an apparent overdose at Ed bucks apartment a couple years ago about a year and a half ago. And there was a lot of outrage because there was talk that Ed bucks. Maybe. Forcing drugs on young men. Le- injecting them he there was a. There've been a couple of people who have described this guy's proclivities. Perhaps and one of the things he used to take from the cheesecake factory menu. Was he would he would get off. He would get some sort of of. Gratification thrilled gratification. What you actually know what you mean? Okay. Just to watching people get high in their underwear. Well, there's that as well. I mean, I don't know why you'd look watch somebody get high in they're not under. Anyway, he says there were a couple of people one guy actually wrote about this in a diary entry. I honestly don't know. What to do? I've become addicted to drugs and the worst one at that. And Ed Ed buck is the one to thank you gave me my first injection, crystal meth, it was very painful, but after all the troubles, I became addicted to the pain and the fetish slash fantasy. That was L Moore's journal the kid that ended up dead in the apartment. So anyway, they're just there wasn't enough to file charges against this guy. They couldn't prove that he had done anything to Jamal more that he injected him that he had forced to drugs. I'm anything like that. They just couldn't prove it so charges weren't filed. Well, then came what happened this week over the weekend. There's another body. That's turned up an Ed bucks department. This time it's not a young, man. This is a man in his fifties. And Ed bucks attorney had said that there were not drugs involved, and that these two had been friends for twenty five years, it doesn't fit the whole MO of Ed. Buck running around injecting young kids, our young men with with drugs. But we'll see it doesn't look good. I mean, there were dozens of people out there last night having a candlelit vigil calling for his arrest and prosecution in connection with both deaths. The I wonder what is more beneficial though. I mean when you talk about the officials ultimately declined to file charges against him into Moore's death because of a lack of evidence insufficient evidence. There is a chance they take the guy to trial, and they can't prove it. That's what I'm. As I mean, if they don't think that they can prove it. They're not going to go to try, right? So so that. Even if somebody in the office thinks to themselves. Oh, yeah. The sky's totally on the hook. We just can't prove it. We just don't have the evidence to prove it that that is a that's a better decision perhaps than taking them to trial and not having a guilty verdict. It's it's less of a black eye on the DA's office. I don't know. I I don't know the math that goes into that. Because obviously, no law degree. The lawyer for Ed BOK Seymour Amsterdam told reporters that the guy that was found dead had been friends with at buck for a very long time twenty five years, and he'd already been partying and already taken some substances before he showed up at the apartment, and that Ed buck was in the shower for some of the time and did not take any substances with the victim. Now. Here's the thing that they might be able to get him on. This time around if he was doing drugs, and they couldn't prove it with this guy. Naked get him on. Like an implied malice charge because he knew that. It was dangerous to do these drugs with people. I don't know. I mean, I don't know. Like, I said like you said, we're not lawyers here, but he knew what had happened with him before with Jim L more. So he knew that there was danger in that it could result in death. And yet he engaged in this behavior with somebody else. Again, you're saying if he was injecting him, right? But there's no evidence of that at this point. It's just the idea. I mean, this this proclivity if you wanna call it that I mean, these other men that describe this guy he has them where these long white under John's what does that mean? Like underwear long long underwear long Johns. Yeah. Under John's I've never heard of before I wear under John's at all the football games in December. Well, it's out there. You got REI. Okay. Well, I just make got it from Ed buck LA the twelve hundred block laurel avenue. Hey, I need some under John's, but he he'll put these men in these under John these long Johns, and then hit him up with meth more meth they smoke in inject the more money he gives them, and he would just watch them allegedly allegedly. I'm saying allegedly this is the what these other men are saying about Ed BOK. I am not saying that never met the man. Just an odd. And listen the argument from Jamal Moore's family was will. Of course, he's not being charged is a white powerful rich guy with connections to politicians very high level politicians like, oh, I don't know the governor the mayor, I think that's baloney. I don't think the DA's office would not charge somebody because they were well connected. And they'll get all the celebrities that has been charged in the LA county DA -'s off, right? But I mean, the look of if you're trying to find a if you're trying to find something in your kid dies. I mean, that's I understand you're gonna out for anything. I I get that too. All right coming up next the teacher strike seems even more likely today than it was yesterday. We will tell you why when we come back. Monica Rix, what's up? I've got an update to a story I reported earlier.

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