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News time 513 time for traffic and weather together the subaru retailers of new england allwheeldrive traffic on the threes we say good morning once again to chris cocainefilled filled out a whole lot going on out of your josh i think a lot of people may be taking a little bit longer d going this morning for now route 3 looks clear coming up from the south shore right up to the split in braintree route 24 and 95 they're both moving well to one 28 one 28 both north and southbound between the pike and braintree is fine no issues on the expressway so far from braintree run up into the city up north route one you doing well coming out of the linfield tunnelled that will stay that way all the way to the tobin bridge in fact audrey one that's clear for you if you're making away from peabody right to the pike no issues on ninety three from lawrence right down to route one 28 on route 3 looking good lulled burling tin had some good on route two as well from lemon stir all the way to one 28 no issues were you there and if you're coming into the mass turnpike for framing him on into boston that's a good ride for your are downtown exactly wide open tobin bridge lower deck of 93 summer williams tunnel both thumbs up next update is at five 23 would wbz's traffic on the threes the museum career forward with an mba from endicott colleges van loan school offering personal advising flexible schedules and affordable tuition available on site in beverly in boston or online visit van loan dot endicott dot eu slash mba trying for.

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