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Ratchets and extra to most of those delays happening between the suitor change in Watertown Plank Road. We've also got eastbound 94. Actually, it's looking pretty good from Highway 16 all the way to downtown 17 minutes with traffic and weather together on the chance I'm nebulas ago. Wtmj paella wi com Time Saver Traffic Partly cloudy 77 with a slight chance of a shower today. That will continue into tonight with lower 56. It's 63 degrees at it. No. One from the WTMJ breaking news center looks like Milwaukee won't be hosting Baseball's Midsummer Classic, after all, after it was moved out of Georgia in response to that state's voting laws pulled away from Atlanta because of voting laws passed in Georgia, including new rules on voting by mail that civil rights groups say could restrict voting for people of color. The MLB All Star Game is heading to Denver. According to multiple sources, Colorado has been at the forefront of voting by mail going back to 2013. Every registered voter in Colorado gets mailed a ballot now Coors Field in Denver will host the All Star game like Stone, ABC News. Wait. Hank Aaron is to be honored during that game and welcome your time. Better Road Commissioner Rob Manfred last week asking him to consider moving the event here to honor Aaron, who played for both the Braves and the Brewers, teenagers and young adults across Wisconsin, lining up now to get their vaccines after the state expanded eligibility. Hiatt pharmacy pharmacist Demi So call telling TMJ four news There pop up clinic at the Milwaukee public market has been helpful where they are offering the Fizer version of the unfortunate that we have the brand that you know 16 17 year olds can get. So they can get their covert backseat. 16 and 17 year olds do have to have a parent with them In order to get a shot Governor Tony Evers unlocking more resource is to combat the growing threat of wildfires across Wisconsin. WTMJ is.

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