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People like well you know he's only one nine games but i mean we would look at pagon owes team we couldn't even run a fake part it was embarrassing we couldn't pick up first downed so i do people are nuts they we do this all the time were just like oh you andrew locks now plying so a he's not people stop seventy starts with the battle i know running game bad defense thirdmost passing yards ever he can play next so i'm going to talk about this next it's interesting so lonzo ball we'll play tonight at home lakers most of the attention in los angeles should go to the dodgers in will but lonzo ball tonight will play at home and he'll face john wall john wells really good he's one of the top five or six point guards in the league and john wall has come out and said on a torture lonzo ball this is not a bad thing for lonzo ball and i'll tell you why on the other side very good lord at dodger stadium look beautiful last night as had at last week yankee stadium just pop on television it just yankee stadium pops on television dodger stadium last night pops on television you see this from time to time world series look bigger like at fenway park they just feel bigger last night was just an unbelievable performance but it's a very methodical performance by the dodgers great pitching either turner segar taylor gets a big hit bell thinner than they have great set up best bullpen now in baseball canley dan's encloses at and kelly johnson i mean that that was the dodgers did last night for dodger fans that's how they win games.

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