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Dealing with millions of context everyday sober period of several weeks several months literally there's hundreds of millions or billions of contacts between law enforcement every year and citizens ninety nine point nine nine nine percent nothing happens nothing goes wrong it is a rarity to have interaction between a police officer and a citizen or non citizen that goes scans or right very unusual extremely rare but to watch the media coverage of these events involving stefan clark you would think that happened almost on a regular daily basis it is a common thing let me say loud and proud police are not targeting and killing black men that is provable true it doesn't happen in reality you're more likely to be shot by a black police officer than a white police officer and someone must assume that the black police officer shooting an african american does not act in a racist fashion when you agree so what we're dealing what we're dealing with here is media coverage of infrequent events that crate in the minds of managed the idea that this is regular when it is not true it is provable false police are not targeting black men for execution or killing despite what i hear from sacramento from baton rouge from dallas from ferguson to baltimore it is an extremely rare event for anyone interacting with a coptic to shot extremely rare ninety nine ninety nine point nine nine take the nines as far as the i can see with all the extremely rare but that's not what the media tells us the american people in this event with stefan clark it appears likely that he was breaking into cars and that someone saw somebody will like a crowbar type device and they hit nine one one reported that someone was breaking into cars to police officer show up in sacramento two weeks ago today one black one white according to media accounts and what they perceived was not reality which happens all the time in inner human relations happens all the time that is i perceive one thing but the reality is something else in this case they perceived wrongfully that stefan clarke had a gun in his hand and the officer received that objectively because he yelled which is on the tape gun gun gun so he perceived that stefan clarke had a gun when reality it was a cell phone now when that happens the law indicates that that is not an unjustified shooting that is not a.

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