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Don't don't get a screen where you have to tell your head from one side to the other to see if you can't move your eyes to see your whole screen your screens too big or you're sitting too close almost to do that yeah here are some things we don't we'll watch on it no buying them is fifty inch bright lcd whatever it is whatever it is or your internet is starting to take dump on right now it is yeah so that's all right we're over an hour anyways we should probably wrap this up and you need to text me that pitcher did you haven't seen it has it come through untouched did you just respond to the one that i sent you you attach it in his son attach it in it's yeah it was sitting there blinking at me sorry about that it's so yeah he's your i think it it must be on wifi or something because it's killing you network whatever's happening but with that we're going to wrap up this episode of tech fan we love to hear from you the listeners the show at tech fan podcast dot com or like i said earlier you can go to my mac dot com or technical podcast dot com and leave a message if you're at my mac make sure you check out some of the other shows in the mind act hide caching network and we've got a few i mean we produce quite a bit of content that's free for you to listen to it anytime you want if you go to my mac just click the button this podcast and you'll see stuff like let's talk for tiger fy the my mcpike cast kikia show ever club nintendo.

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