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But you have to maintain a roster. The UFC isn't in the business, except I would make the exception female featherweight is in the business of fabricating a division that can't sustain itself. Flyweight for what it was at. This point wasn't active and full division that that had contenders that had prospects, and they don't want to have a division. So if if that's the case it there is a financial burden. There's also a burden of giving the people fights populating fight cards. Was it the right move. I mean, if you're not in the Dimitrius Johnson business, it certainly the right move. Dimitrius Johnson is out of out of the question is out of play. Then I don't see much much reason to keep flyweight around. You have see makes its debut in addi and Tina this weekend when say this. Yes, Addis Neil Magny. Essent Navio Darren Elkins versus card alumnus Johnny Walker versus Khalil Roundtree says up fajita is on the card who else Marlin VERA, Cynthia Calvillo, making her long-awaited return good to have her back in the mix. Austin our net, Devin Powell, our buddy, different pal. Yes. His back as well. The unicorn like to call nine money back as well. Not the deepest card of all time. This is all built. This is all about him getting his big moment in his home country of Argentina. We're out of time. Unfortunately, Jake really cracking the whip today. The music ahead of even cute. Well, he knows what happened the last time. He did it when I asked that might be the first time, I won't get mad this because that was sort of an unofficial Q. But that was like the first time that ever screwed up. The because I was so your shovel. So the shoveled about I also want to say before we go happy Veterans Day. Yes. To all the veterans out there, including your dad, my father, air force, Mr. Jackman airforce. Yeah. How many years to actually don't know yet a discharge, but he served an airforce? So happy Veterans Day told the veterans and also to wish the best everyone in California, very hard week for the California Thousand Oaks, and everyone who has been dealing with the the wildfires. They're unbelievable. What's been going on? So hopefully, they're able to contain that. And it ends up getting a lot better very soon because scary stuff. All right. It has been a fun day. Again, wanna thank all our guests today. Let me properly. Say goodbye to them because I was all out of sorts on the main show when she kinda commie off guard. Thank you very much to hoist Gracie and Connery Gracie. Good luck to him on Thursday. Thank you very much to Macy, Barbara. Thank you very much. To Henry pseudo is Martinez, Germain, Durand, me Jose Torres Marlin rice, TJ dillashaw, your Romero yet your Audrey Gez. And to all of you as well. Thank you near quick. If you miss anything check it out, I tunes Stitcher YouTube the app, ESPN dot com all those place. More back next week. Say.

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