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Every minute is like program not gonna walk around with a camera, and so when it came to should, I have Dirac follow me around and film it. It was no question. One of the biggest challenges for me to go because don't forget. This is now three plus years ago and the thought of like, now, look what's going on. But like it's not super complicated. This, why what's so fun about the internet is everything's documented. People won't rolling with somebody else, filming them, people rolling like Roman like small cameras, right? So far, you know, he was just even having the handle was like felt big. We're small cameras, right? That was wagging. And so I'm like, I'm going to introduce a man following me and filming me at all times. I knew that ninety eight percent don't forget, forget about being a creator, an influence, sir. I'm an actual business like cease. We'd executive going to meetings with like fifty eight year old conservative, like c. suite executives. And like, here's Iraqis filming this meeting was super unaccept- were walking down the street. So it was a really interesting conversation with myself or about a month of holy. Fuck I figure this out. If you films me, I can make unlimited content. I'll have log. I'll be able to have articles. I could do pocket like it all came to be pretty quickly of like this is the gateway to like unlimited being a media company film everything. And the first place I went is this is going to be fucking amazing because my grandkids are going to watch this. The next place I went is like everyone's gonna think I'm dick face like it's gonna take me a good year to have to each shit where everybody thinks douchebag in a narcissist, but I'm comp-. -pletely commenced. Everyone's going to do this that everybody who can't hold it is going to have somebody film them. And like literally told Dirac episode like dude, in four years, we're going to be sitting in meetings where everybody's going to have a film person, filming the person to be six people in the room, the three person meeting, and it's when it happens. Start happening eighteen months ago or so. We like because I'm good chuckles, but basically almost everything I've done in my career when I was eighteen year old kid and I'm pushing to launch a website for my dad's liquor store, and we're part of liquor co op and everybody wants us to open a second store. I knew everybody was gonna shit idea of selling wine on the internet, something they didn't even know existed or was a fad at best. So for me, like business decisions struggles like the macro has always been cake. I'm an entrepreneur. I don't give about what anybody thinks about me. I'm good in life game over in the micro, which is far more secondary, which is why pushed so many people to not give fuck because then everything becomes easy. It's an everyday thing. Forty, six things I'm struggling with right now. Push back there. Chef that New York City. Okay. So I love the tactical questions and I really wanna get all of your perspectives literally from like my life. I'm gonna break it down..

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