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Okay. That is that that's over the top. That's never. The coat rack. Life is so hard out there in southern California. It's I know I just I know I shouldn't complain. And yet I did yesterday on Facebook. And I just had many people telling me to shut up as say sickly, I'm going to do the same and just tell you to pipe down because I will say having lived there for twelve years that when it does rain first of all rain in California, southern California is like a couple little like droplets at the streets. Like, they shut down the city. It's kind of ridiculous that like rain like this if it's really hard and going for several days. That's that's not you guys aren't prepared. I will give you that not prepared or not no one knows what to do. No one knows how to drive. Oh, no. Oh, gosh. No now. But other than that, I'm doing pretty well, you know, I. It's been a whirlwind. I I went to Tokyo the day after Christmas. And then I just went out and had my trip with my girls with my girlfriends, and then immediately after that, I ended up flying up to be with a friend. There's just kind of a a tragedy that happened. And so I am just now home I feel like for the first time since Christmas which have been going and going and going since Christmas. So I'm I'm a little tired. Yeah. We'll tired a little emotional little spent. Yes. Well, now, I would be too. That's a lot. That's a lot. Well, you might have noticed. So when Kristen, and I do these when we do our episodes, you kind of have a shared document that we're working off of just to like kind of keep us in check and not going off on like random tangents and you'll probably notice Kristen that underneath mob date. It was blanked. I'm d-. It's there's nothing there. There's nothing have no update. I do have an update that I wanted to get your full on. Initial reaction for about to tell you. I didn't want you to this. It's going to be good. Like, you couldn't even give me a preview our shared, Google, doc. I've had to like, no. I mean, are you ready for this? This has been very ready. Kristen Howard Johnson. We got a dog. Sarah. I congratulations. Supposed to respond to this. We have to like explain to people that you, and I are probably two of the most dog averse people on the planet. I mean, not really even just dogs. I'm kind of an animal verse person. I've never who. So am I never had a pet? You guys. Let's just about that. For a second. I'm forty four years old, and I've never been have dogs as a kid. I have dogs. I have never had a hamster my mom put him on the dryer. And turned it on accident. He like died of overheating or something that is like my extensive, so yeah, like, we have we don't have the preplanned. Was this premeditated? As this an impulse buy note. This is been I have been research. You know, me I have been researching dos. Three and training probably for two years because I told my you'd probably have a very big dossier. I do I do a whole Google tab of all. Different links..

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