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That is now has so many original programming. But how did we did a lot of the day. And you gotta you gotta fill every kind of all cable stations are building them my love you syndicate a bit. You do a little bit of original programming and then sometimes you do do some temples and so with that same thing. We got scandal because that was driving the everybody was all up in at the time And that was really soon started. Was being syndicated because it was like. Yeah but but that's the way that's the way it's happening now. Things are coming on. Things are coming on getting syndicated sooner. But but there's challenges around that because now you can find almost like with with videos you can find them. Wherever you want to on your device that loss that i would have lost that bet a ten years ago so said ten years ago and give you something the size of your phone and you're gonna watch video not just a video but you're gonna want something for an half an hour two hours straight on this. No no no. It's not gonna happen. But i lost. I lost lost that like scandal. Do not original programming state. You got syndicated region it. Hey mikey i would be remiss. If i didn't bring up kind of the the the contract will not the controversy. But i an obviously in some people's eyes the you know there's people that like thank god for bt and focused on stuff. I want to see. And there's another the the cricism. First of all. I hate that. Bt uncut went away. though you know. and i'm gonna tell you why. I'm just keep runnin which i like bt cut because it came on at a time when no children's should be up anyway. I mean and so like it came on so i was wanted supporters. You know regardless of whatever. I was going to people that defended bt for income like listen. We all watched these songs it birth us some of the greatest songs by black. Jesus is still a personal favorite of my open episode about jar like that. I mean you brought spelman girls. Now let me guess a year or so ago that bt cut was coming back but is april fool's joke but the but hold on between people who like wow. That's very funny people. Like i can't wait. Wait wait wait the way cable. Television is now actually. Because i mean fx in a are being very very More relaxed about a language nudity. It would never work because you get online right now. That's the that's the only reason that never because it's available everywhere now. That's that's the that's the you know. It wouldn't be a surprise now. We wouldn't be shocked if it we're on but it just would rate well and that's the thing was created because there were all these videos were editing and again i come from a place where i want people's artistic right. I don't know if the left is about him up thinking about you because i had a vision. My head of you. Editing netted nearly tipped.

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