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You're talking to people every day? Do you feel like the general population is more educated about this than five years ago. Yes and you know. That's due to the political awakening we've had in largely due to you know Bernie Sanders having the actual you know he had the actual gun fin balls. Yes thank you to ask. Walls is the word from the crowd and the crowd To do the right thing and to actually start being bold enough to go out there and say these things what surprise me when when we get into like the whole part where we start filming right. The background piece saw back up a minute that whole process there when Rachel ears. A the director came to me and said amy where we WANNA film you. I'm like why no one's going to watch this. Everyone hates us. We got a Unpack a little bit for anybody. Who's listening might not know. But you can see amy right now on Netflix. We've alluded to this already a couple times. Knock down the house ward. Winning documentary from two thousand Nineteen That outlined the that followed the campaigns of yourself of convenience member Corey Bush Cossio Cortez and others So watch that if you haven't watched it if you're listening to my show you probably have but just for a little bit. I mean real aware that this I mean. You're obviously aware there were cameras in your face but you know that they were going to turn it into what turned into a lot of things. I I watched it. I didn't even remember her. I didn't even realize she was videotaping. Right 'CAUSE WE SH- that's that's the whole point of a documentary is that they don't get involved or interact rarely because they want to capture in its truest form. None of that was rehearsed. You know there wasn't a retake. This was what was happening in the moment. And you know all of us when we were running coming Corey Bush Anthony Clark apology all of us. We were running in two thousand eighteen in the largest really a people of insurgent candidates that we've seen right all spurred on by Bernie Sanders We were running and we were scared and we really didn't know what was going to come out of this and we saw the powers. We saw what was happening. We saw what was happening in our own personal lives. None of us knew what this what the outcomes are going to be and when we saw the original. I know for me when I saw the dark the draft. I remember thinking some parts. I was like you absolutely cannot include. That are you've lost your mind. What was especially hard for me was was was the vulnerability that it took to be in the movie especially as a woman running And the part where they capture. My loss You know that day I was holding Chileans earn and when I saw the results come in. Didn't get into the film but the first thing on my mouth. I dropped down and I was like no now. More people are going to die and I couldn't save them like I couldn't save Shimin. The weight of my community was on me and I had to go home that night and really think about it. What was I worried about that? Being shown for him first of all I want to change the perception. That showing emotion made you weak. I'd like to counter argue that showing emotion shows that you care enough to actually care about your community. I like to see more of our representatives. Give a crap. I like to see them care about the community and things like that. That was like that was uncomfortable. I think probably Corey can attest some of that. Some of the things when we first see it. I know when corine are watching it together We're not able to get to the movie watching it a lot because it's very emotional. It's reliving that whole that whole moment for us again but I think overall we might have lost some elections but we won the conversation approximate amy. We're going to ask you to stick around if you can kind of move over here a little bit. Actually we're GONNA bring up our Our our next guest and our next guest is somebody who's sort of in line with a lot of the way that we book our show and a lot of the voices that we try to elevate younger voices voices of people who are taking on entrenched powers People who are who are not afraid to you know. Try to fight and may make a difference. Even though they aren't from again you talked about like the traditional pedigree that you know. The Washington. Dc. You know route that everybody kind of takes we'd like to talk to people that don't necessarily fit that mold so everybody welcome Anthony Junior Anthony. So Anthony Right now is running against when you talk about entrenched power in this state. He's running a progressive campaign against Dina Titus and Congressional district. One Here in Nevada. Why did you choose to do this? Tell us you know when I moved to Nevada and when I was eight I moved here when I was eighteen. I was homeless. It was hard for me because I escaped violence where I was from an you're from New Jersey Jersey up and when I came here my brother's like hey you know you can stay with me. Unlv dorms can standard my little dorm bed if you want to. You know it's like if you know anything about. Unlv has three full of like space. Where you like you can sleep under the third four. Williams Williams five. Oh One also pretty dorm and you know I lived there in the community came together in. Unlv show me that you know we care there. There's problems situations out there. We're going through LIKE UNAFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE. Like amy talked about like a low wages in rising rent seriously affecting communities of color communities that are out there working super hard is affecting the single moms single dads that are out there. And they're trying to pay their rent. When the rent's going up seven percent every year every other year you know and and we need representatives. Who lived in those Shoes in those footsteps to to fight in and to be a voice to unheard or the or the people you know don't feel like their voice marginalized. Yeah exactly exactly. I think that in these conversations what gets lost is the practicalities and the realities of being in poverty of existing poverty and how expensive it is to be poor like talk about that a little bit. I know you you had mentioned that Just trying to start your own business and just kind of get yourself modestly off the ground on an eight dollar an hour wage and and in in a city where rent is exploding just like it is all over the country Miami All over the place talk about how expensive it is to be poor. And how that sort of contributes to the marginalisation. It's really expensive. Be Poor out here. It's like for me personally. I don't have a car you know. I have to walk everywhere. I'm I'm aware I work fulltime insecurity guard. You know. Sometimes I'll get like fifteen hours a day or or eight hours a day after work halfway across the city because I don't have enough money to get on the bus. I don't have that two dollars and fifty cents to on the bus to get back and back and forth and it's very difficult so you know when I when I use my disadvantages to my advantage is when when I'm doing this campaign is because I feel like I can reach more voters you know when I'm on the bus and they can see someone who's who's actually living in their same. She was getting people when you're out exactly every single day when I'm walking I'm going to McDonalds to pick up food without you know because I can't go to Walmart. Don't have six dollars for a bag of me. So I gotta get. You know a dollar mcchicken. I talked to the homeless community center on you. Know Vm. No Hey you know I care about you. Know how was once in your shoes? You Know God blessed me and he gave me two or three minimum wage jobs to our can afford a six hundred dollar range you know and like I'm so fortunate they like the community is looking back like hey like we respect what you're doing keep fighting and keep won't push in and you know. I. I'M A to champion for people's rights and People's policies. He's a little younger. So you have fewer presidents to pick from.

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