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Kentucky governor Matt Bevin refuses to concede the race for governor his democratic rival Andy Bashir has declared victory in the says the election is over next month they start a brand new chapter in Kentucky health care is a basic human right and my administration will treat it as such administration a pension is a promise ninety nine percent of the vote counted at this point there's only five thousand votes separating the two men elsewhere in the country Democrats taking full control of the Virginia legislature for the first time in more than two decades and Democrat Jim hood is conceding the Mississippi governor's race of thanking people for letting him Sir four terms as Attorney General who was defeated by Republican lieutenant governor Tate Reeves and an open race for the governor's sick can cobble Harris get the campaign spotlight back campaign of the California senator who wants to be president got off to a huge start but now her numbers a flat line to been some missteps David make you one political science professor it's enormous State University tells kid acts the biggest questions facing her campaign will be the upcoming debates are pulled from those debates and get donors strategic donors to donate money and get more positive media coverage because the media coverage right now headed into the November debate is about the internal shuffling in dynamics and the back biting that goes on by some very high profile and very talented consult here is campaign is just a lot of campaign workers from other states to focus exclusively on Iowa in hopes of regaining momentum with a good showing there rob archer Kay and extend seventy dues rhetorical efforts have been filed against the California governor through the secretary of state's office both groups are filing are gathering signatures qualify for an actual recall election they'll need roughly one point five million valid signatures from like minded California voters and we've got to think cities which he's actually a criminal he's good so paying federal law you sheltering criminal illegal aliens from the law tells can exit other complaints with Newsom include the governor suspension of imposing the death penalty and recall supporters also believe he is too cozy with utilities that cut power during the recent wildfires course during the fires Newsome did say he was outraged and demanded change decisions that were not made have add to this moment and PJ's history greed and mismanagement Gavin Newsom is fiddling burns and blacked out that recall effort based out of the whole yeah there's the smaller recall launched in palm springs Craig Fichtner can extend seventy newsradio and we preach at the governor's office for comment but so far no response Los Angeles later is not happy about the way to another problem see that Los Angeles International Airport since the launch of LA exit there's been a flood of complaints from passengers in the past week sense taxi lift and over pickups were moved away from the curb to a lot near terminal one comes when Paul correct says it's been especially hard on people with disabilities it was just chaos so people that were less able to be aggressive disabled frail elderly injured people with a lot of kids found they were taking almost an hour to get on where is more aggressive people were getting out shuttles in fifteen minutes so those are some flaws that we clearly have to address he wants to bring back curbside pickup for caps airport officials insist they do not have the curb space for that some council members are blaming some of the problems on left and over which sent no representatives to a committee hearing on LA accent I'm disgusted and frustrated and upset councilman Joe who's going now if we're going to solve this problem together we need the right sure companies at the table along with our airport executives both companies say they're working closely with airport officials a list spokesperson says the company got little advance notice of the hearing Hoover sent a letter to airport officials more than a month ago warning the LA X. it pick up area was too small it's about to be expanded club give his guitar KNX ten seventy newsradio can extend seventy feet Dimitrios that alliance with officials announced that expansion after seeing the long lines and congestion Michael Christiansen deputy director for operations at LA acts as the decision was made to open a new section for passenger pickup will be four lanes.

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