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Hey is jj radic you may know me as a basketball player he may have seen me play during my college career at duke university or perhaps of the past decade playing in the nba for the magic the bucks the clippers or the sixers well today i'm here to tell you about my new show the jj redick podcast on the ringer podcast network this is where you can find me interviewing athletes like my current teammate joe elham pete as well as indepth conversations with celebrities like a late late show host james cordoning the very first episode goes live later this week so make sure to subscribe to the jj redick podcast wherever you get your podcasts two welcome to the rear nfl show furthering our podcast network i'm robert maize joined as always by cabin clark kabir we twelve is behind us including fail barn burner of monday night game i'm glad i watched that i have a solution so obviously flaco should never be allowed in prime time ever again member of the old college probation dang it was probably pretty much before both of our times but i know to betrayal a tv ban search your heart it's measure who leg s like smu it's like oh no you will you in you know you you lose just how she's also you can't be on tv and him surya i'm gonna i'm gonna i will win a thought that for flaco scott cats more tweeted this out he flaco is the first quarterback in nfl history who said ten games with under four point five yards per attempt and thirty plus attempts so essentially what we're talking about here is a lot of attempts all of them going for for almost nothing he's been impossibly back this season and again the only offense fifth the ravens could muster was alex college doing things this is not hard the the ravens are very simple at this point and again that defense is good enough we talked about this last friday that it's taking it in he can potter some people it's going to be odds there such a disgusting team to watch and it's looking more and more like they're going to be in the playoffs i can't wait.

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