President Trump, DOJ, Rudy Giuliani discussed on The 11th Hour with Brian Williams


From donald trump junior and others who've come before them among the headlines here though it's a lot donald trump junior was anxious for opposition research or dirt on hillary clinton but meeting attendees said no valuable information was provided donald trump junior said he didn't recall telling his father about the meeting but as nbc news points out trump junior was quote grilled about a phone call he made to a blocked number during the planning stages of the trump tower meeting but said he didn't remember who we spoke with asked whether his father used a block number trump junior said i don't know this as the senate intelligence committee released a report today that backs the conclusion from intelligence officials that russia interfered in the two thousand sixteen election with the goal of helping donald trump and finally shannon petty piece of bloomberg is reporting today that trump and his legal team are planning to use this one year anniversary of robert muller's appointment to they hope ratchet it up pressure on the special counsel to close the investigation with all of that and our policies for the volume let's bring in our leadoff panel for another wednesday night the aforementioned matapo pulitzer prize winning new york times reporter jeremy bash former chief of staff at ci and the pentagon also former counsel the house intel also the aforementioned shannon petty peace white house correspondent for bloomberg new shannon i looked around the room and of this group you were the last one to talk to rudy giuliani so you get to go first with his mindset and what he told you tonight yeah that's what i was doing around eight o'clock tonight so i mean he basically was going over this idea of whether or not the president can be subpoenaed or the sitting president can be indicted he says that he talked to the special counsel about this couple of weeks ago and they told him that they're following some current doj guidelines that have been in place for a long time that his interpretation.

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