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So let's start with this band in New Orleans. It's called Chaba. First of all, Can you explain where that name comes from? Yeah, Cha wa means something like here we come in the dialect of the Mardi Gras Indians. This is an old New Orleans tradition. You know. In the early days, African Americans weren't allowed to march in the Mardi Gras parades. And so they got the idea to Dressed up in these incredible elaborate American Indian costumes and take fictional names like the Wild Chopper, Tulloch's and Wild Magnolias, and they've developed their own dialect and Chihuahua is part of that. It's also basically a funk band that incorporates this Mardi Gras Indian heritage, and their new song called My People, is Part of a great old tradition of hard partying songs that have a serious idea behind them. That's old man. People always still here. Wait. That's my people from the New Orleans band Cha wa the title track from a forthcoming album, due in April. Next This week, John we hear a collaboration between Grammy winning trumpeter and composer Michael Lenhart and the rapper Jay Swiss. What's their song? Blackout about? It's basically about demanding recognition for the contributions of black Americans to our culture. S O. J. Swiss mentions figures from politics, music technology literature, you name it. But it's also about not just doing that in February for Black History month that this is something that should have been going on all along. Or, as J. Swiss puts it in the song. We should have had it from the jump. Backdoor. I'm trying to get it from the fun. Respect for my people. We should have had it from the jump love in the culture. We always give you what you want on the history. Were you waiting for months? No back door trying to get in front of fun respect from my people. We should have had it from the jump off in the culture. We always give you what you want on the history waiting waiting for months. Need arrangement by trumpeter composer Michael Lenhart with the rapper Jay Swiss. The song is Blackout and Sean the verses of full of references to important black Americans and their contributions. So it is Definitely a song. You can spend some time with. Yeah. Finally, this week, a song from 18 48. I have to say I didn't know that it was this old has now been remade for the current moment. Tell us about this remarkable new version of Oh, Susanna. Yeah, well, the version of Oh, Susanna that we know possibly the first true American popular song and certainly one of the most famous The version we know is kind of a sanitized version of what Stephen Foster originally wrote in 18 48 that first version had some shockingly racist lyrics. So now the singer and composer Morris Miley has teamed up with Dawn Pemberton, Canada's Queen of soul to reconstruct the song on I'll quote her here. To celebrate black love and life, So they really created a whole new song, turning it into a sad tale of two black people who are in love but are not able to be with each other. But we k San him mouth and the team wasn't around, right? Coming home from the sound soothe. Don't you cry? That's more a smiley and Dawn Pemberton. Turning. Oh, Susanna into a statement that Black loves matter. We are actually premiering the song and it's moving video today. New sounds dot or G'kar..

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