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Our new blades, their eighth shave is a smooth as their first. And we stand by that with 100% money back quality guarantee at Harry's dot com Millions have already made the switch to Harry's, and we hope you will, too, with the special offer. Get a Harry starter set featuring our new sharper blade awaited razor handle, shave gel and a travel cover all for just three bucks, plus free shipping. Just go to Harry's dot com and enter 338 checkout. That's Harry's dot com code 338. The British government, facing pressure to develop a national strategy to combat a Corona virus surge mid warnings in the number of people hospitalized in the UK it almost triple by the end of next month. Mark or port of former chief scientific officer says Britain on Lee needs to look across the English Channel to see what's coming. Retton's current measures a similar to those in France and Spain, where authorities are struggling to control the virus and daily cases have already far outstripped. Those in the UK will put says it's not unrealistic that 25,000 people in the U. K could be hospitalized by the end of November, up from about 9000. Now. Scientists estimated that there about 96,000 new cases in England every day. And that the outbreak is doubling in size every nine days. Zero exactly London India's confirm Corona virus caseload now topping eight million infections, news and analysis townhall dot com. Stuck in traffic. We've got the answer. This report is sponsored by Audible Sigalert, Continuing Sausalito.

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